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The History of ‘Doctor Who’ as the Bayeux Tapestry

Unashamed Doctor Who geekiness alert! Artist Bill Mudron has created what’s perhaps the most ridiculously great thing I’ve seen all week — a trip through the history of the show, rendered as a sort of false Bayeux Tapestry. The project covers both the classic series and the show’s newer incarnation, and it’s hilarious. What Doctor Who fan wouldn’t want a faux-embroidered drawing of Ace taking a baseball bat to a Dalek? As per the artist, “I had originally intended this to be one 12-foot long image, but then I realized that if I were to ever turn this into a print that it would be impossible to frame.” He did turn it into a 24″ x 36″ print, which you can buy — click through for some close-ups. … Read More

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Wes Anderson Characters as Ghosts: Links You Need to See

This fall is filled with adaptations of books and old movies, so if you’re not sure which ones to see, Word and Film has an incredibly handy flowchart. In that vein, FilmDrunk sent a writer who’d never seen the original Carrie to the premiere of the remake. If you’re getting excited for… Read More

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In Praise of the Classic, Scrappy, and Thoughtful ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who turns 50 this year. For anyone who’s still in their 20s, particularly on this side of the Atlantic, the show is largely identified with its rebooted incarnation — the classic series is a historical curiosity, at best, the home to ropey special effects and curious English accents. All this is true, to an extent — but nevertheless, the early years of Doctor Who really should be compulsory viewing for anyone with even the most cursory interest in sci-fi or good TV in general. Here’s why. … Read More

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British TV’s Best Dramas

American viewers are accustomed to hearing just how much better television audiences have it across the pond. Most British TV imports tend to be either comedies or BBC miniseries; who hasn’t plowed their way through The IT Crowd on Netflix or mooned over Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? But with the recent ascendancy of BBC America, the network behind critically acclaimed shows like Orphan Black, we’re reminded that there’s more to UK TV than laughs alone. Here’s our guide to the best British dramas on television both past and present, from science fiction to… Read More

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What Happens When ‘Doctor Who’ Travels Into Disney’s Fairy Tale World

The Doctor has traveled all over the universe and across time, and it’s not unusual for him to interact with some famous historical figures from time to time. But why stop with Charles Dickens? Illustrator Karen Hallion envisions the Time Lord’s meetings with famous fairy tale figures (particularly those in the Disney canon) in her series Fairy Tale Who (via this isn’t happiness). What happens when the likes of Snow White and Cinderella step into the TARDIS? Well, you’ll have to come up with your own answers, but click through this gallery and let Hallion’s images inspire your own Doctor Who / Disney fan fiction. … Read More

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‘Doctor Who’ and the Fear of an Asexual Female Protagonist

With the news that Matt Smith is moving on from Doctor Who, there’s been a whole lot of interesting online discussion about the idea that the new Doctor might be a woman. In particular, Slate published an article yesterday arguing that “The next Doctor should be a woman… you should care even if you don’t watch Doctor Who,” and suggesting that “[the show's creators should be able to] imagine a world without gender essentialism or rigid sex roles.” This is certainly true, but the question actually has broader implications than that. … Read More

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7 Bitter Fandom Rivalries From Across Pop Culture

It’s no secret that science fiction fans can get a little overexcited about their franchise of choice, but things got heated last Thursday when the local Star Wars club of Norwich, England and a delegation from the Norwich Sci Fi Club, a group of Doctor Who devotees, got into a physical altercation at the Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention, hosted by the Star Wars club at the University of East Anglia. Apparently, the two groups had a longstanding feud that came to blows when the Sci Fi Club decided to show up on the Star Wars group’s turf to get a signature from Gram Cole, an actor from the time-travel series that currently stars Matt Smith. Though fandom disputes don’t usually escalate to blows, this is hardly the first time otherwise peacefully geeky communities have run afoul of each other. Here are some of the most prominent fandom rivalries throughout history, from superheroes to science fiction. … Read More

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