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There’s a New Outfit for ‘Doctor Who’

In Doctor Who, the illustrious Doctor rarely ever changes his wardrobe, except when he regenerates (basically: the actor changes). So… Read More

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So Long, Doctor Smith: Links You Need to See

In case you missed it, The Doctor regenerated last night, so presuming that you couldn’t see through your tears here’s the recap and some deleted scenes. UPS may have gotten a bad rep this holiday season, but this time lapse video of their delivery process will have you giving them the benefit of… Read More

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10 Creepy Pop Culture Dolls

“My name is Talky Tina and I’m going to kill you!” still makes Twilight Zone fans shudder when they watch the anthology series’ “Living Doll” episode. Talky Tina appears to be an innocent toy, until you pull her string…. You can purchase your own Talky Tina, thanks to a new replica that utters the same five phrases from the chilling episode (sampled from the original audio, even). The trope of the evil doll has been featured throughout pop culture, exploiting our fears of the mute, blank, seemingly knowing toys. Here are ten of the creepiest. … Read More

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Google Celebrates ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary With Largest Ever Interactive Doodle

When it comes to British television fandoms (Sherlock, Downton Abbey, etc.), Whovians are easily the most intense, given they have years… Read More

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The History of ‘Doctor Who’ as the Bayeux Tapestry

Unashamed Doctor Who geekiness alert! Artist Bill Mudron has created what’s perhaps the most ridiculously great thing I’ve seen all week — a trip through the history of the show, rendered as a sort of false Bayeux Tapestry. The project covers both the classic series and the show’s newer incarnation, and it’s hilarious. What Doctor Who fan wouldn’t want a faux-embroidered drawing of Ace taking a baseball bat to a Dalek? As per the artist, “I had originally intended this to be one 12-foot long image, but then I realized that if I were to ever turn this into a print that it would be impossible to frame.” He did turn it into a 24″ x 36″ print, which you can buy — click through for some close-ups. … Read More

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Wes Anderson Characters as Ghosts: Links You Need to See

This fall is filled with adaptations of books and old movies, so if you’re not sure which ones to see, Word and Film has an incredibly handy flowchart. In that vein, FilmDrunk sent a writer who’d never seen the original Carrie to the premiere of the remake. If you’re getting excited for… Read More

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In Praise of the Classic, Scrappy, and Thoughtful ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who turns 50 this year. For anyone who’s still in their 20s, particularly on this side of the Atlantic, the show is largely identified with its rebooted incarnation — the classic series is a historical curiosity, at best, the home to ropey special effects and curious English accents. All this is true, to an extent — but nevertheless, the early years of Doctor Who really should be compulsory viewing for anyone with even the most cursory interest in sci-fi or good TV in general. Here’s why. … Read More

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