Fabulous Photos of New York City Dogs Dressed in Couture

Yes, Virginia, there are glamorous parties (sorry, “pawties”) for dogs — and “puptials” and “barkmitzvahs.” What’s a fabulous New York City pooch supposed to wear to these events? Why, doggie couture, of course. Photographer Paul Nathan captured the canine couture scene in the Big Apple and rubbed elbows (and pampered paws) with fashion-minded New Yorkers and their fur children — all decked out in custom designs. Those pups, owners, and couturiers found their way into Nathan’s book, Couture Dogs of New York, which we first learned about on Co.Design. Catch a preview of Nathan’s work in our gallery. … Read More

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Hilarious Photos Recreating Famous Romantic Movie Scenes with an Adorable Dog

It takes a special man to re-create famous romantic movie scenes with a dog and not come off totally creepy. Redditor mmsspp has a soft spot for his boss’ dog, Wrigley. Inspired by the adorable canine companion, he decided to pose with the pup for hilarious snapshots that recall some of cinema’s mushier moments. The upside-down make out sesh in Spider-Man? Check. That manly embrace in Brokeback Mountain? Oh yes. See more hilarious odes to movie love from man and dog, which we first saw on Daily Dot, in our gallery. … Read More

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Adorable Photos of Wet Dogs Mid-Bath

Bath time for dogs is a vulnerable, humiliating, and messy experience. It’s also a necessary one, and our pet pooches are good sports about the whole thing — usually. Photographer Sophie Gamand, who we first learned about on Design You Trust, captured dogs in mid-bath, and the results of her collaboration with groomer and pet stylist Ruben Santana are adorable and hilarious. The dogs’ knowing expressions and toothy grins admit defeat while expressing defiance. Gamand’s Wet Dog series reveals another layer of the human-animal bond — one with shampoo mohawks and wet fur. … Read More

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Flavorpill’s Guide to the Week’s Top 10 LA Events

There’s so much going on in the City of Angels, it can be hard to keep track of it all. Thanks to the new Flavorpill, we’re inviting the entire community to make suggestions with its gorgeous city-based culture guide — an open platform where our very own editors and curators meet and mingle with artists, gadabouts, and other tipsters for a limitless variety of both ongoing and one-off recommendations. With this in mind, please enjoy our weekly list of hand-picked event suggestions here on Flavorwire, and in the meantime, be sure to check out the new Flavorpill. We’ll see you there. … Read More

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Charming Portraits of Pets and Their Owners

The law of attraction states “like attracts like.” This also applies to people and their pets. Often, humans and their animal companions share an uncanny resemblance. Sometimes it’s a deliberate choice, as the Paris Hilton’s of the world have proven, but usually it’s a subconscious decision. Even if man/woman and beast look nothing alike, shared personality traits are usually present. Hamburg-based photographer Tobias Lang (aka Mats Pitkå) has been studying people and their pets for some time. He snapped these delightful side-by-side portraits that reveal the subtleties of likeness in their relationships. Sometimes it’s a smile, posture, or even a hairstyle, but it’s clear why these humans and animals belong together. … Read More

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Photos Capturing the Life of New York City Dogs

New York City dogs are a unique breed. The metropolis offers plenty of stimuli for canines — places to sniff and socialize, including dog parks for the average pup and criminally overpriced doggy day care centers for the pampered pooch. Dogs in the big city contend with tiny apartments and little grass, but their personalities cannot be contained. Life is bustling, and hydrants await. … Read More

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Charming Portraits of People with Their Favorite Things

Photographer Michael Warren, who Design You Trust introduced us to, photographed his subjects with their favorite things. Somebodies depicts the strange and lovely things we cling to, because of their personal meaning. For some, that meant an old doll and a tube of cherry chapstick. Other people were photographed with their pets and a bag of used Kleenex that belonged to their late spouse. See more of Warren’s charming photos in our gallery, and visit the artist’s website to read the stories behind them. … Read More

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An Art Therapist Analyzes George W. Bush’s New Paintings

Gawker recently published another six paintings by George W. Bush. Among the politician-turned-painter’s images are new subjects; after a slew of dogs, we were delighted to find cats(!), shells, a crucifix, and, erm, more dogs. Reactions to the new artwork have been fairly mixed. Some felt that Bush’s paintings were “sort of sweet.” “Guys. Stop making me feel sorry for George W. Bush,” urged another commenter. A less sympathetic viewer denounced the “dull drab emptiness” of the paintings, while others pondered the resemblance of one of the cats and its painter. Someone else considered the suggestive connotations of Bush’s shells. Overwhelmed by all the symbolism, we took the 43rd President to art therapy – well, not really, but we did speak to the art therapist Rachel Brandoff in an effort to clarify his paintings. Here’s what she had to say. … Read More

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Hilarious Photos of a Sophisticated Dog Dressed in Menswear

Our latest favorite single-serving Tumblr was discovered on website Honestly WTF: Menswear Dog. A dapper Shiba Inu dressed in Ralph Lauren, linen blazers, overpriced driving caps, and oxford shirts mugs for the camera — and that’s all we need. The three-year-old, New York City-based pup has true panache. “His interests include never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches,” the Tumblr tells us. Show Menswear Dog some love in our gallery. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we looked at photos from the set of Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. We talked about a few things everyone will be happy to leave behind in 2012. We reviewed the history of book digitization. We looked back on the year in architecture. We remembered a few Saturday Night Live sketches that should have been movies. We collected more recommends for our Doomsday entertainment checklist. … Read More

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