What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we watched the Internet help one couple get engaged. We learned what the ten most popular dog breeds are and were surprised at the absence of Pugs. We approved of Steve Martin’s prank on Gwyneth Paltrow. We were excited to see the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden’s … Read More

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Photo Gallery: A Dog’s Great American Roadtrip

Subtitled “a super serious project about dogs and physics,” Maddie the Coonhound might be both the simplest and the most delightful Tumblr you see all week. As he travels all 50 states for his ambitious This Wild Idea project, photographer Theron Humphrey has made a daily side game of perching his canine companion, Maddie, on top of bicycles, giant faux watermelons, park signs, and other bits of Americana for a quick photo shoot. The results are both pleasingly composed and adorable. Check out our favorites after the jump, and click here to buy prints. … Read More

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Adorable Photos of Pets Waiting in Windows

Because of our tendency to anthropomorphize dogs and cats, whenever we spot someone’s pet hanging out in a window, we always imagine that it’s anxiously awaiting the return of its owner — you know, as opposed to just chilling out in a comfortable roost. Perhaps that’s why we find the images in Fishbowl, a series by San Diego-based graphic designer and photographer Rachel Bellinsky, so compelling in spite of the relative simplicity of the concept.

“You would not believe how many of these shots I see and miss because I don’t have my camera,” she told Feature Shoot. “The other day I saw a tiny kitten hanging from the curtains as I passed by, and my lack of camera at that moment was criminal. There is an animal in nearly every window of my neighborhood.” Click through for a selection of photos from the series, and visit Bellinsky’s Flickr page to view the entire project. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we checked out a new image promoting The Dark Knight Rises on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. We listened to a Norwegian space disco remix of Roxy Music’s “Love Is the Drug.” We learned that it’s easy to scare Great Danes. We tried to imagine the… Read More

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15 Incredible Dog Costumes Inspired by the Movies

Dogs are often good sports about letting their humans lovingly humiliate them, AKA dress them up. And let’s be honest: fawning over your dog’s duds is for the owner’s amusement, not the pup’s — which is probably how National Dress Up Your Pet Day got started. On January 14, pets around the world will be wondering how they hell they got themselves into this mess, or they’ll be thanking you for their cool costume. We were impressed by the number of film-inspired dog costumes (cats want no part in this, of course) and seeing how each dog’s personality was brought to light with a little movie magic. For inspiration, click through our gallery of incredible dog costumes past the break. … Read More

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Wonderful Photos of Dogs in Crazy Costumes

Christmas may be right around the corner, but there is never a bad time for a collection of pet portraits shot at New York’s annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade — especially when they’re as striking as Winnie Au’s. The NYC-based photographer writes that she took pictures of 80 dogs in four hours on the day of the parade. The shots below, which we found via Behance, are clearly the cream of the adorable crop. Page through to find Karl Lagerfeld (with his owner, Anna Wintour), an MTA bus, and Lady Gaga as pooches, and see more of Au’s work at her website. … Read More

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Striking Black and White Portraits of Man’s Best Friend

Toronto-based commercial photographer and artist Mark Peckmezian, whose work we spotted over on iGNANT, has an ongoing series of portraits of dogs that we guarantee will put a smile on your face. Something about the way that he shoots his subjects captures their varying personalities; there’s such a wide range of facial expressions, and much more naturalism than you typically see with pet photography.

“I never intended to make a series of photos on dogs, really,” Peckmezian told us over email. “I mostly shoot people and diary-documentary snapshot work, and have for my entire photography career. I was on psychedelic mushrooms one night and snapped this photo on a whim. I remember thinking: harsh flash on shiny black surfaces render well, produces rich chiaroscuro; and I like the stately pose of the dog in combination with this. That photo sort of grew on me, kept recurring in my thought. I took another such impulsive photo of a dog, and then another, and another, and here I am now with a lot of dog photos.”

“In retrospect I see my motivation more clearly,” he continues. “I took these photos simply out of joy of photography — they’re not about dogs, really, they’re about aesthetic concepts, and I take them the way a painter might do sketches or doodles. I also see them as a reaction to art school: I had just graduated last spring and was sick to my stomach with all the vacuous talk and misguided ideology of art school. I think I was so drawn to the dog photos because they were so earnest, from the heart, not complicated with pretty words, just straight, unselfconscious expression — what attracted me to art in the first place.”

Click through to see a selection of our favorite photos from Peckmezian’s fantastic collection. … Read More

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Watch One Dog Up Close and Personal During Playtime

Canine shaky cam adventures could be the next phenomenon in POV cinema. (Step aside, Paranormal Activity.) One genius person attached a GoPro camera to a stick and the result is an adorable and interesting perspective: that of the dog toy. We think watching this dog’s eyes roll around excitedly in its head will make you smile (seriously, how could it not?), so click past the break to enjoy. … Read More

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10 Awesome Animated Hounds

Did you know it’s National Dog Week? Neither did we. But in light of the the 83rd annual observance, we thought we’d bring you a few of our favorite cartoon canines. As rabid fans of four-legged, furry creatures, we’ve given you 10 Famous Weird Pets in History, Dramatic Photos of Dogs Shaking, and 10 Great Musicians Photographed With Their Dogs. Now, to go along with our recent roundup of Cartoon Parents We Always Wondered About, we pay tribute once again to man’s best friend. … Read More

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Dramatic Photos of Dogs Shaking

This delightful series of dog portraits freezes some cute little canines mid-shake. Beautiful! Check ‘em out with their mouths dangling, noses sloping, long fur looking like cyclone, and faces twisted into wrinkly fists! Aw. Oregon Zoo freelancer and professional photographer Carli Davidson has captured all the little details of this common pet gesture, unseen to the human eye, like the shimmering rays of drool and water and the accidentally comical stares emerging from the rippling folds of their swooshing eyelids. Depending on the breed and facial floppiness, these portraits range from adorable to almost surreal, with the mouthiest of the creatures looking like something Ralph Steadman would draw. Shake it! … Read More

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