Watch One Dog Up Close and Personal During Playtime

Canine shaky cam adventures could be the next phenomenon in POV cinema. (Step aside, Paranormal Activity.) One genius person attached a GoPro camera to a stick and the result is an adorable and interesting perspective: that of the dog toy. We think watching this dog’s eyes roll around excitedly in its head will make you smile (seriously, how could it not?), so click past the break to enjoy. … Read More

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10 Awesome Animated Hounds

Did you know it’s National Dog Week? Neither did we. But in light of the the 83rd annual observance, we thought we’d bring you a few of our favorite cartoon canines. As rabid fans of four-legged, furry creatures, we’ve given you 10 Famous Weird Pets in History, Dramatic Photos of Dogs Shaking, and 10 Great Musicians Photographed With Their Dogs. Now, to go along with our recent roundup of Cartoon Parents We Always Wondered About, we pay tribute once again to man’s best friend. … Read More

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Dramatic Photos of Dogs Shaking

This delightful series of dog portraits freezes some cute little canines mid-shake. Beautiful! Check ‘em out with their mouths dangling, noses sloping, long fur looking like cyclone, and faces twisted into wrinkly fists! Aw. Oregon Zoo freelancer and professional photographer Carli Davidson has captured all the little details of this common pet gesture, unseen to the human eye, like the shimmering rays of drool and water and the accidentally comical stares emerging from the rippling folds of their swooshing eyelids. Depending on the breed and facial floppiness, these portraits range from adorable to almost surreal, with the mouthiest of the creatures looking like something Ralph Steadman would draw. Shake it! … Read More

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Gorgeous Vintage Dog Photos from the Kennel Club Archive

You might have noticed that we’re suckers for animal photography here at Flavorpill. Animals bring none of the self-consciousness and baggage that a human brings to the process of being photographed, and as such, there’s an argument that they make for perfect models (so long as you can get them to sit still, of course). Anyway, people have been photographing their animals since the earliest days of the camera, and it turns out that the Kennel Club in the UK has a treasure trove of vintage dog photos in their archive. A selection of these images were brought out into the public eye this week for a new exhibition in London, and the Kennel Club were kind enough to share some of them with us. They’re fascinating viewing, whether they’re pictures of animals in strangely formal poses (a dog in a top hat! With a pipe!), photographic experiments (a dog surrounded by mirrors!) or just intimate shots of people with their best friends. Take a look after the jump. … Read More

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Gallery: 'Tiny Confessions' from Shakespeare, Frankenstein and Pets

Your dog doesn’t enjoy being compared to an Ewok. Your pug would like to have you on a leash. And your cat? Sorry, buddy, but she isn’t a nervous wreck like you. These are only a few of the revelations in Christopher Rozzi’s Tiny Confessions, a delightful series that expose the little secret your pets — along with Shakespeare, Frankenstein, fortune cookies, etc. — are keeping from you. Click through after the jump for a selection of our favorites, and visit Rozzi’s Etsy shop to see more images and pick up an affordable print or 20. Seriously, snap yours up before we buy him out. … Read More

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A Mailman’s Photo Essay: “All the Dogs Want to Kill Me”

Mail delivery is a dangerous gig. As much as we appreciate a loyal pup’s protective instincts, it’s hard for mail carriers not to take the growls and snarls personally. Presenting: Ryan Bradford’s photo essay All the Dogs Want to Kill Me, featuring canines jumping at fences, burrowing under gates and glaring out mail slots in full-on hunting mode. OK, so he’s no Robert Mapplethorpe, but keep in mind that these photos were snapped with a cheap, disposable camera in a high stress setting. We think they capture those furry occupational hazards with feeling and a bit of humor. … Read More

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Gallery: Ralph Steadman’s Dogs

British artist Ralph Steadman’s iconic and extensive collaborative works with Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson kindled armies of fanboys/girls across the globe and across decades. If there are any dog lovers among them, they’ll want to peek at Steadman’s newest Book of Dogs, featuring lovable, slobbering, rough-housing canines rendered in the artist’s signature style, that is, expressively unlatching their jaws amidst wildly spewed inkblots and such.

Steadman’s illustration compliment ranting pet ownership tips on feeding, fetching, and emergency resuscitation and offer some satirically anthropomorphic perspectives on religion and politics. Preview a few pups in our gallery, and, as a bonus, enjoy Ralph Steadman’s latest Gonzo-fied beer bottle label art with the Flying Dog Brewery, dubbed Raging Bitch and banned by the Michigan Liquor Commission. … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Tim Flach’s Dogs

Tim Flach’s majestic dog portraits are captivating representations of man’s best friend, from the sporting, non-sporting, and hounds to the working, herding, and toy breeds.

Featuring profiles of dozens of canines, Dogs is a divine collection of images that spotlights the endearing characteristics of different pooches, elevating them to divine status. Whether it’s a troubled-looking Bloodhound or a demure Dalmatian, Flach’s subjects establish a direct connection with the viewer, dog-lover or otherwise. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Dogs in Cars

There’s a striking cinematic quality to the haunting images in London-based photographer Martin Usborne’s new series Mute: the silence of dogs in cars. “I took the photos for two reasons: firstly because I was once trapped in a car as a child and the feeling of being alone and without a voice has stayed with me for a long time but secondly because I’m very much aware that many animals are voiceless and mute at the hands of humans,” he explains. “These images are both about the loneliness and voiceless that we humans often feel but also a plea to listen more to the voices of animals.” … Read More

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Everything Is Terrible: 10 Videos from a Different Era

Everything Is Terrible is a website dedicated to bringing the world wonderful things. What started as a group of friends in Ohio compiling, editing, and manipulating obscure VHS tapes from the ’80s and ’90s into short video clips to get their LOLs off, has grown into an internet success story. Now the group considers themselves archivists of sorts.

“We see ourselves as filling a niche by preserving a type of media that is ignored, and even looked down upon, by other film/video archivists,” wrote Future Schlock, a member of Everything Is Terrible, in an email. “The VHS boom of the late ’80s-early 90s resulted in any old yahoo with a camera being able to release their message to the world — a moment similar to the rise of YouTube. But with a lot more neon.” … Read More

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