10 Works of Subversive Barbie Art

The world’s most famous doll celebrated her 55th birthday this weekend. “My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices,” creator Ruth Handler once said. Despite the best intentions, Barbie has come under fire for promoting an unhealthy body image to young girls. Her impossible figure and perfect life have been a target for many artists who have subverted the Barbie norm to explore its absurdity and question feminine ideals. Here are just a… Read More

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Designer Toys for Grown-Ups

The holidays are a time for families and loved ones to celebrate togetherness, and they tend to arouse feelings of nostalgia that recall simpler times. The days of being a child and enjoying hours with your favorite toy don’t have to be a distant memory. There are plenty of playthings for grown-ups that encourage similar exploration and fun. We’ve gathered some of our favorite toys that emphasize great design, responsible materials, and conceptual artistry. … Read More

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10 Creepy Pop Culture Dolls

“My name is Talky Tina and I’m going to kill you!” still makes Twilight Zone fans shudder when they watch the anthology series’ “Living Doll” episode. Talky Tina appears to be an innocent toy, until you pull her string…. You can purchase your own Talky Tina, thanks to a new replica that utters the same five phrases from the chilling episode (sampled from the original audio, even). The trope of the evil doll has been featured throughout pop culture, exploiting our fears of the mute, blank, seemingly knowing toys. Here are ten of the creepiest. … Read More

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Terrifyingly Realistic David Bowie Dolls

Look, we love David Bowie as much as the next man (and quite possibly a whole lot more so), but there’s something terrifying about these dolls, which we spotted via the ever-fascinating Dangerous Minds. The creepily realistic thin white homunculi are the work of one EV Svetova, who goes by the handle Katyok on DeviantArt. As per her site, “I do not make the dolls, neither do I sell them” — what she does do, however, is craft the mannequins into amazingly detailed pieces, so much so that you kinda expect them to start walking and talking and making dire predictions about only having five years left to cry in. … Read More

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Uncanny Portraits of Older Women With Their Childhood Dolls

Some toys stick with you forever. In Vera Saltzman’s intimate yet strangely unsettling portrait series, which we spotted over at Feature Shoot, the Canadian-based photographer captures women over 40 with their childhood dolls, their faces steeped in nostalgia. As Saltzman writes, “Sigmund Freud believed the uncanny to be something which leads us back to what is old and familiar but is at the same time “unheimlich” or uncomfortable. This series explores the idea of the uncanny as it manifests in a longing for youth, and a recognition of mortality.” Uncanny indeed. Check out a few of our favorites from the series after the jump, and then be sure to head over to Saltzman’s website to see more of her work. … Read More

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Amazing, Hyperrealistic Doll Children

Doll enthusiasts have created a unique industry for themselves, often taking vinyl doll “skeletons” and “reborning” them to look like living, breathing babies. It’s a startling and surreal thing to behold, but the painstaking level of detail is admirable. French artist Laurence Ruet — whose work we first spotted on Design You Trust — also makes “living dolls,” but her creations are perhaps more unique.

All of her dolls are one of a kind works, made without a mold, and sculpted from polymer clay. She also crafts the clothes, shoes, and “pets” that go along with them. Ruet puts a lot of thought into portraying the emotions of the dolls, and each tiny figure’s chubby cheeks, freckles, and missing teeth express their personalities in a beautiful, but uncanny way. See what we mean, below. … Read More

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10 of The Most Bizarre Vacation Destinations

“One of the things that makes the location so unique and so amazing is that you can be there in broad daylight, out in the open, and still feel very vulnerable,” Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli told Vulture about the location of his new film Chernobyl Diaries.

He produced the supernatural tale that takes place in Prypiat — an abandoned Ukrainian city near the location of the deadly Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster that devastated residents in 1986. Peli described how the threat of radiation and the location’s eerie, remote atmosphere made it the perfect place to set his new found footage horror film. In the movie, a group of tourists venture to the city on an extreme vacation, but soon discover they’re not alone.

These bizarre vacation destinations aren’t just hot spots in cinema. People travel to Pripyat in real life for adventurous and surreal experiences. We discovered other unusual vacation getaways for your perusal past the break. Feel free to mention your favorite strange destination below. … Read More

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Uncannily Realistic Repainted Celebrity Dolls

Just about every major movie that comes out these days — and not just the family fare — ends up producing some kind of commemorative doll. Same with any platinum-selling pop star. But have you ever noticed how little these Barbie-like creations tend to resemble their subjects? Well, so has Noel Cruz, an artist who repaints the dolls so that they uncannily recreate the faces of celebrities and their characters. See a perfectly preserved mid-’80s Madonna, Angelina Jolie at her steamiest, and even Harry Potter, after the jump. Then, make sure you visit Cruz’s website to check out more of his work. … Read More

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Fausta Facciponte’s Unsettling Photographs of Forgotten Dolls

What becomes of our discarded childhood dolls? Do they make their way into the loving arms of another kid or wind up lonely, collecting dust at the bottom of a discount bin? Canadian artist Fausta Facciponte explores the afterlives of abandoned dolls in her haunting photo series Doll-O-Rama. Part of her Lost and Found collection — for which Facciponte captures forgotten items — it aims to show off the beauty that lies behind the worn-out eyes of old, thrift-store dolls, although the vibrantly colored, large-scale depictions of the lost, battle-scarred toys give off a more unsettling vibe. Page through the evocative images below, and find out more about Facciponte’s work at her website. … Read More

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The First Tattooed Barbie Ever

She isn’t going to be available as a kid’s toy, but collectors of Barbie dolls are certain to be scrambling for the new Tokidoki release. She not only stands apart from her more classic incarnations in that she’s the first Barbie to have tattoos, but she also has pink hair and her own Tokidoki cactus friend, Bastardino.

Most of us outgrew our love of Barbies a long time ago, but we might just consider starting up a new collection if they keep releasing dolls with clothing and accessories this hip. Click through to see more detailed pictures of this totally modern fashionista. … Read More

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