Donald Judd

From Collaboration to Theft: What Happens When Art and Advertising Collide

Last week, the Texas Department of Transportation ordered the removal of a new large-scale sculpture designed by contemporary artist Richard Phillips for Playboy Enterprises, on the grounds that Playboy had not solicited a permit for a public advertisement. Titled Playboy Marfa, the work sits along a stretch of US Highway 90 outside of Marfa, Texas, and is comprised of a 1972 Dodge Charger sitting on a plinth next to a giant neon rendering of the Playboy logo. … Read More

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7 Artists Whose Airbnb Would Have Been Better Than Donald Judd’s

If you were enticed by the Airbnb ad for the late Donald Judd’s renovated former home and studio in Soho, prepare to be bummed. The ad was quickly taken down, and an artist in Detroit named Tyler Taylor has spoken with ARTINFO to announce that it had been a prankish work of institutional critique. In any case, given the city’s recent crackdown on shady short-term sublets, the Judd Foundation’s (ostensible) asking price of $2,000 a night would have probably been offset by a $1-5,000 fine. … Read More

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12 Famous Artists Who Dabbled in Design

If ever we needed a healthy dose of inspiration, it’s late on a Thursday afternoon when that unbearable yearning for the weekend descends on us and everyone else. It’s a time when we usually find ourselves poking around the Internet, carefully considering which creative endeavor to pursue in anticipation of our hallowed free time.

The eternally inspiring design duo Charles and Ray Eames never put their talents in a box. Quite the opposite, their work crossed boundaries and disciplines. They made major contributions to architecture and design, but also dabbled in fine art and film, among other things. In honor of never limiting your dormant creative self, we’ve taken a look at world famous artists who also expressed their vision in a seemingly unexpected format: furniture. From Salvador Dalí’s stunning designs to a practical, playful hammock by the American sculptor who invented the mobile, Alexander Calder, click through and be inspired by artists who refused to be pigeonholed. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we wondered if offering airline passengers the ability to choose seatmates according to their mood felt like a genius idea or a weird dating service. We watched comedian Mark Malkoff’s unusual Netflix challenge. We found out what Mad Men actor Jared Harris had to say about his… Read More

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Sylvester Stallone’s Art Approved By Renowned Critic Donald Kuspit

Bad news for our overseas readers who haven’t already caught actor and painter Sylvester Stallone’s retrospective at the Gmurzynska Gallery in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The 30 paintings on view — including many self-portraits — closed yesterday. But fear not art enthusiasts! The gallery has produced a catalogue for the show, with essays by Anthony Haden-Guest of the New York Times and reknowned critic Donald Kuspit. Apparently, the show will travel to State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg — for those in that hood — but due to some tense agreement issues in the press release and a VERY out of date website we’ve been unable to confirm this. … Read More

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