Doodling on the Faces of Famous Writers

When video director and editor Michael Daye found himself at home with a box of postcards of 100 famous authors and nothing to do, he decided to take a Sharpie and have a little fun. Doodling on the faces of the defenseless writers, Daye created a series of often charming artworks of his own — sometimes the augmentations are relevant to the author they decorate, and sometimes they’re just for show, but we love the way he has taken these iconic faces and made them his own. Click through to see some of our favorites from the project, and head over to Daye’s Tumblr to check out even more. … Read More

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Dirty DIY Pin-Up Girls Re-Imagined as Fantastical Heroines

When artist David Jablow came across Do It Yourself Doodler, a vintage ’60s notepad filled with pages upon pages of the same suggestively drawn pin-up girl (sans breasts, mouth, or nether regions like some kind of pornographic vintage Mad Lib), he decided to ignore its obviously dirty intentions and turn it into a work of art. Or rather, several works of art — in Jablow’s drawings, which we spotted over at Visual News, that same pin-up girl is incarnated as everything from an astronaut to a giant robot controller to a lady Samurai ninja spying on troop movements. Click through to check out a few of Jablow’s imaginations, and if that’s not enough for you, pick up a copy of Jablow’s Do It Yourself Doodler book, guaranteed to make for hours of fun. … Read More

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