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Lost Photos of Kansas City’s Underground Drag Scene During the 1960s

When we think of places where drag and ballroom culture has thrived, cities like New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. spring to mind — but many don’t realize that there was a vibrant community in the Midwest during the ‘50s and ‘60s. In 2006, artist Robert Heishman uncovered a group of slides in a Kansas City salvage yard labeled, “Jack’s Slides: Chicago and Kansas City.” Heishman found a stash of images featuring beautiful drag queens, but the photographer remained a mystery. … Read More

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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: “Snatch Game”

Even casual fans of Drag Race are tempted to tune in for the “Snatch Game” episodes, in which the ladies must impersonate a celebrity of their choosing and successfully improv enough jokes to keep the audience gagging for more. For the comedy queens, this challenge is a cinch. But most competitors give us nothing but an endless stream of flat jokes and inaccurate portrayals, making them that much closer to sashaying away. With added drama between Jade and Alyssa, Coco and Alyssa, and everyone turning on Jinkx, this one-woman show was fiercer than ever. Let’s see how our girls fared. … Read More

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‘Half Drag': Fascinating Photos of Drag Queens In and Out of Makeup

Drag queens are pop culture’s most colorful gender rebels, donning wigs and jewels and dresses and exaggerated makeup for performances or nights on the town, then coming home to take it all off and return to their daily life as men. Their sheer existence complicates notions of gender identity as clear and fixed. Never have we seen this complexity depicted so elegantly as in Leland Bobbé‘s Half Drag (or I mezzi drag di) series. It captures drag queens’ simultaneously male and female existences in photos that show the left side of their faces done up to the nines in glitter, big hair, and baubles, but leave the right side clean and stubbly. Click through to see some of our favorite photos from Half Drag, which we discovered via Design Taxi, then visit Vogue Italy for the entire set (so far). If you like what you see, consider supporting Bobbé’s ongoing, non-commercial project by contributing here. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we charted The Hunger Games obsession. We noticed Vegemite was trying to upstage Marmite in New Zealand. We vowed to study singer’s eyebrows more closely. We got dizzy jumping rope. We laughed at One Tiny Hand — probably too much. We felt dreamy… Read More

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Video of the Day: Brazilian Drag Queens Recreate Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna and drag queens have had a symbiotic relationship since the “Like a Virgin” era, so it’s no surprise that a troupe of Brazilian cross-dressers have re-enacted Madge’s much-discussed Super Bowl halftime show. In fact, if we weren’t so impressed with all the choreography they’ve managed to learn, we’d wonder why it’s taken them so long. The 13-minute performance is nothing short of fantastic, although we do have one small gripe: Couldn’t the queens have done something a little bit more fun with M.I.A.’s middle-finger moment? Watch and relive, after the jump. … Read More

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Video of the Day: The Queens of Drag NYC

If you’ve ever seen any of the ladies involved perform before, then you know that The Queens of Drag NYC, a new web-based series that debuts September 8 on Gay.com, is going to make for majorly entertaining reality programming. Watch the Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio, Hedda Lettuce, Logan Hardcore, Dallas Dubois, Epiphany, Acid Betty, Sherry Vine, Mimi Imfurst, and Peppermint, do their thing in the trailer after the jump. … Read More

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Tiaras, Rain, Violinist Drag Queens: The Miss G Train Pageant

Just when we thought that we had become jaded New Yorkers and seen all the city had to offer, the city threw us a giant bedazzled curve ball called The Miss G Train Pageant. Held at the City Reliquary museum in Brooklyn, the first-annual beauty pageant pays homage to one of the most temperamental subway lines in New York… Read More

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Unintentionally Funny News: Drag Queen Bandits

Today’s headlines that shouldn’t be funny — but are. Send your funny news submissions to us here.

1. “Obama’s New Pup Gets Portrait Done” [via NYDN]
NOT funny:”Economy shmickonomy, when I say Bo is getting a portrait, then dammit, the family dog is getting a portrait!”
Funny: Look at that face and the mouth! So cute!

2. “Typo cuts drug offender’s prison term” [via CNN]
NOT Funny: Who’s ready for some cocaine, baby???
Funny: “The form is unclear, and we cannot determine what the jury understood ‘ten one hundred (100) grams’ to mean.” Ten one-hundredths is a lot different than one hundred. … Read More

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