The Disconnect Between Drake and His Music

Recently, a friend admitted sheepishly that he hated Miley but loved her music. This isn’t an anomaly nowadays. The higher… Read More

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Drake and the Rise of the New Pop Melancholy

In May 2012, GQ ran a profile of basketball überstar Derrick Rose. The article was a curiously moving piece of journalism, depicting Rose as a sort of cloistered figure, standing alone at the floor-to-ceiling windows of his condo on the 84th floor of Chicago’s Trump Towers, staring out at a city that he rules but no longer inhabits. The article is a fine portrait of the alienation that comes with being mega-rich, a window into a world where too much is never enough. This is a world that is appearing more and more in pop music… which brings us to Drake, the avatar of this new pop melancholy. … Read More

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Ranking the MTV VMA Performances from Best to Worst

Last night saw the MTV Video Music Awards come to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The best thing about the night was clearly Taylor Swift telling One Direction to “Shut the fuck up,” but beyond that, the show was, as ever, about the performances — all the post-event hysteria has been about Miley Cyrus’s… interesting rendition of “We Can’t Stop,” but there were plenty of other notable moments, including an N*Sync reunion and Kanye West performing “Blood on the Leaves.” So… from best to worst, here’s how we saw the evening’s performances. … Read More

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The Art of Making a Truly Incredible Bar Mitzvah Video

The video below, dug up by Kveller, is proof that while you can sink your life savings into celebrating a tween’s ascension to Jewish adulthood, there really is no point unless you get the whole thing on video. … Read More

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Who Owns Aaliyah’s Legacy?

This week, Chris Brown became the latest musician to use Aaliyah’s image for own his work. The video for his single “Don’t Think They Know” attempts to act simultaneously as a preachy depiction of LA gang violence and as a tribute to the late singer, who appears in hologram form. The song also samples vocals from a previously unheard Aaliyah track, making this the second time in a year that an artist has gotten his hands on her unreleased songs. Last August, producer Noah “40” Shebib and Drake put out a song she recorded before her death called “Enough Said” as an official release with an added verse by Drake. You wouldn’t think it’d be so easy to get the rights to never-before-heard material from a highly regarded R&B icon. It invites an important question: Who is approving all of this? … Read More

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Clever Instagram User Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Snapshots

People have been photoshopping themselves into celebrity photos ever since it was possible, but let’s be real: not many of us are good at it. This is probably why sites like The Daily Dot and Gizmodo are so taken with Instagram user Peeje T, who photoshops himself into celebrity photos with nary a stray pixel. His creations range from straightforward to completely absurd, and you can almost believe he’s sitting with Rihanna at a basketball game until you see him give her a piggyback ride at the Kentucky Derby. He always tags his culprits in his posts, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of them call him up to capitalize on his growing buzz. If they do, it would be virtually impossible to tell the resulting Instagrams apart from Peeje T’s doctored images. Click through to see a selection of his best work. … Read More

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When Celebrities Sue Celebrities: A History

The news that Donald Trump is dropping — for now, anyway! — his monumentally stupid (even for him) lawsuit against Bill Maher may be good for the humorless blowhard and reality TV star, but it’s disappointing for late-night comedy writers and celeb jurisprudence fans. C’mon, admit it: that would’ve been a fun trial, if for nothing else than Maher’s testimony. At any rate, while we’re waiting to see if Trump holds true on his threat to return to the matter at a later date, here’s a look back at other instances of celebrities — real and C-list — who’ve taken each other to court. … Read More

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A Selection of the Flat-Out Weirdest Careers in Music

As we noted yesterday, we’ve been going quietly gaga about the new Scott Walker record ever since we got a copy of it a few weeks back. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Bish Bosch is that, weird as it is — and, mark our words, it’s really fucking weird — it’s still not as strange as the career trajectory of the man who made it. Walker’s journey from the fresh-faced MOR pop idol of his Walker Brothers years to the experimental maverick who’s just made what’s arguably his best album yet at the age of 69 is one of music’s most unlikely stories, and got us thinking about other unusual career trajectories. We’ve put together a selection of our favorites, so click through and let us know what you make of it all. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. We’re dying to know the story behind this

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25 Photos of Glamorous Musicians Doing Regular Stuff

From a young Iggy Pop vacuuming his apartment to a costumed Lady Gaga making eggs, here’s a photo roundup of our most endearingly flamboyant musicians doing incongruously domestic… Read More

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