In Defense of Ryan Gosling’s Flawed But Fascinating ‘Lost River’

Hollywood studios are not exactly in the business of taking risks these days. When Warner Brothers handed Ryan Gosling $3 million for distribution rights to his debut film as writer/director, Lost River, perhaps they were playing some kind of a long game, picking up his passion project to bank some goodwill for future, presumably more commercial-friendly efforts. By committing to putting this dark, bizarre, difficult movie into theaters, they were taking the kind of risk that’s increasingly rare in this reboot-and-sequel climate, and one that’s worth applauding. But applause has not exactly been forthcoming for Lost River. … Read More

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Nicolas Winding Refn Announces His New, Female-Driven Horror Movie

Nicolas Winding Refn — your favorite proponent of stylized, neon-pink morbidity — has announced his newest film which will likewise,… Read More

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Harry Styles Is Far From the Most Interesting Thing About Taylor Swift’s New Song “Out of the Woods”

Of all the songs on Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989 (out October 27), “Out of the Woods” is supposed to be among the rare few that shit-talk — specifically, it shit-talks an ex-boyfriend, who happens to be One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles. This will undoubtedly be the one thing people remember about “Out of the Woods” in those too-common instances when they remember only a single fact about a pop song. But it’s not what people should remember about the song, which currently sits at No. 1 on the iTunes chart just 12 hours after its release. (You can hear it here, if you don’t want to just pay the damn 99 cents for it.) … Read More

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Stylized Violence on Film Isn’t Just Lazy — It’s Immoral

I walked out of the first movie in The Hunger Games series, directed by Pleasantville‘s Gary Ross, feeling surprisingly frustrated. In fact, I may have ranted to my friends that the film was “morally reprehensible” and “disturbing” and the only thing of value was Jennifer Lawrence’s endless soulfulness. … Read More

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Has the Ryan Gosling Era Come to an End?

Here’s the thing about premiering your directorial debut at the Cannes Film Festival: whatever happens there, it’s going to happen loudly. Such was the case Tuesday, when leading man and Tumblr fave Ryan Gosling unveiled Lost River to a chorus of boos from attendees and hisses from fleeing critics. Variety’s Scott Foundas dubbed it “a first-rate folie de grandeur,” while the London Telegraph’s Tim Robey called it “a film-maudit crapocalypse.” Grantland’s Wesley Morris was even harsher: “If a $200 haircut and $900 shades were given lots of money to defecate on Detroit, the result would be Ryan Gosling’s directing debut.” Warner Brothers, which bankrolled the picture, is reportedly trying to offload it to a smaller distributor. With this high-profile folly following a series of commercial disappointments, could this be the end of Gosling’s pop culture reign? And if it is — does he actually care? … Read More

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Ryan Gosling: ‘Only God Forgives’ Is “Like a Drug — You Either Have a Good Trip or a Bad Trip”

Ryan Gosling is good at a press conference. The media event for his new film, Only God Forgives, started a solid 30 minutes late, leaving a roomful of reporters — many of them already, to put it charitably, not wild about the film itself — annoyed. Yet when The Handsomest Man Alive appeared, flashed his smile, sat next to his director and fellow cast members, and began to joke around in that (slightly affected) regular-guy accent of his, we were basically putty in his hands. He is, it must be said, a charming fellow, quick with a funny line (when Winding talked about their reunion by saying “I’ve only had one girlfriend,” Gosling grinned and chimed in, “There’s gotta be a better way to express that”), serious about his work but keenly aware of when to add a moment of levity to the kind of press conference where the Scandinavian director can end up talking about how “a great many books have been written about the idea of what it would be like, having sex with your mother.” Gosling’s silent, bemused reaction in a moment like that says it all. … Read More

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Cool Designs Pay Tribute to Famous Cars in Film

Since their roughly concurrent births, automobiles and films have been eternally intertwined, a film or character’s mode of transportation a vital part of the fabric of cinematic storytelling. Spanish graphic designer Jesús Prudencio, inspired by that marriage, has created Cars and Films, a series of tributes to iconic vehicles and the famous movies that showcased them. Check out his sleek designs after the jump, and order prints from his website here. … Read More

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Ryan Gosling ‘Drive’ Spin-Off in the Works?

If you have a scorpion jacket hiding in your closet, or you just really loved Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, then we have some good and bad news. The director recently told The Evening Standard (via Slash Film) that while he doesn’t envision a sequel to the neo-noir film starring a dreamy —… Read More

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The Best Opening Lines in Cinema

Whether you’re reading a book or watching a film, audiences and bookworms want to be pulled into the story’s world, immersed in the life of its characters, and get a keen sense of the setting where the action is taking place. Skilled writers can ignite that connection almost instantly, and as the Guardian shared over the weekend, the literary world is full of fine examples where the first lines in fiction have been enrapturing readers for decades. Cinema is no different, and we wanted to search for the most unforgettable movie openers. These oft-quotable opening lines have acted as a foreshadowing device, added instant drama, and allowed us to understand the inner workings of different characters’ minds. We could have spent all day reciting first lines from our favorite films, but we narrowed our picks down and left you the opportunity to share your own past the break. … Read More

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