Eastbound and Down

How ‘Eastbound and Down’ Season 4 Makes Us Love Kenny Powers Again


“Antihero” is a major buzzword these days, especially when it comes to describing the (mostly male) protagonists on cable dramas. From the beginning of HBO’s renaissance of original programming, the antihero has been the staple for both its dramatic and comedy series, and Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers could fairly be put into that category. By the middle of the third season, however, it was hard to root for Kenny Powers; he has always been a despicable, misogynistic, redneck asshole, and the plot device that found him having to raise his son, Toby, barely humanized him at all. It’s hard to admit that the idea of a fourth season of Kenny Powers screwing over everyone in his life was not something I was looking forward to. To continue the show successfully, Danny McBride and company would have to figure out how to make the audience like Kenny again.
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