Edgar Allen Poe

The 25 Greatest Homes in Literature

Great characters in literature get all the credit, but the fictional spaces they occupy are often just as interesting and can provide an opportunity for the reader to go even deeper into a story. What would some of your favorite stories be without the creepy old farmhouses, crumbling castles, and estates overlooking a body of water whose waves crash against the rocks at night? To celebrate the birthday of Daphne du Maurier — a writer who gave us one of the 20th century’s most unforgettable grand old homes, in Rebecca — we’re rounding up the most memorable structures that served as settings for some of our favorite… Read More

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Clever Photoshopped Covers of Book Titles Missing a Letter

Meme humor typically has an incredibly brief life span, rocketing to the top of Twitter’s trending topics or scoring a spot on Tumblr’s Radar feature, then fading out of both sight and mind within a couple days, give or take a day. But Twitter user @darth, whose moniker/avatar suggests a firm association with the Weird Twitter scene, has taken the #bookswithalettermissing hashtag into his or her own hands, photoshopping hypothetical covers for the crowd-sourced book titles. Highlights include a skateboarder on the cover of Cormac McCarthy’s lost masterpiece The Rad and a genuinely cool mirror-image design for A Clockwork Range. Click through for more notable examples of hashtag humor developing into something beyond a tweet. … Read More

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A Brief Guide to Surviving the Most Frightening Fictional Diseases

Today marks the release of Ben Marcus’s long-awaited fourth novel, The Flame Alphabet, in which language becomes lethal, estranging families, turning children (who are solely immune) into something resembling packs of wild dogs, and requiring everyone’s complicity in a sort of social apocalypse brought on by an inability to communicate. Needless to say, the concept that language may turn toxic and slowly kill off its users is relatively terrifying for us, so we’ve put together a short guide on the most frightening fictional afflictions in literature — and more importantly, how to avoid them. Click through for a quick survival lesson, and let us know if you have any more safety tips in the comments. … Read More

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Trailer Park: Superheroes and Sleeping Beauties

Welcome to “Trailer Park,” our regular Friday feature where we collect the week’s new trailers all in one place and do a little “judging a book by its cover,” ranking them from worst to best and taking our best guess at what they may be hiding. We’ve got eight new trailers this week, running the gamut from a big-budget superhero all-star tentpole to indies about cross-dressing and prostitution. Check ’em out after the jump. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Here is the full music video for “Countdown.” As expected, Beyoncé‘s baby bump totally steals the show — which is really saying something.

2. Johnny Depp has plans to produce a film about Theodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, and word is that he’d like to play the beloved writer as well. Given… Read More

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Cure for the Common Poster: Affordable Dorm Art That Doesn’t Suck

A new semester has begun for college kids throughout the States, and now that they’ve settled into new living quarters, bought loads of clunky textbooks, and have their routines down, it’s time to talk wall decor!  If you’re as tired as we are of bland walls and once-classic, now-tired posters and art prints, then fear not, dear reader!  You can decorate your digs — whether it’s a dorm room or a new apartment — with this killer collection of posters that replace old standbys with fun, original, and inspiring pieces. So say goodbye to Einstein, sayonara to Animal House, and au revoir to Keep Calm and Carry On and prepare to fall in love with a brand-new collection of wall decor, after the jump. … Read More

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Gallery: Art Inspired by Famous Authors, Murakami to Poe

Few headlines will draw our attention faster than “Pin-ups based on Haruki Murakami books.” Little did we know that Super Punch’s post would lead us to something even more wonderful — Portland, OR gallery Benjamin Benjamin’s Adaptation: A Show of Authors. The exhibition pairs artists with writers to create work inspired by everyone from Edgar Allen Poe and Willa Cather to Kurt Vonnegut and Roald Dahl. Click through for a glimpse at several pieces from the show, including three Murakami pin-ups by Johnny Acurso, and if you’re in the Portland area, you can find details about seeing the art in person here. … Read More

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Harland Miller’s Penguin Classics-Inspired Art

Cheeky painter Harland Miller creates irreverent reinterpretations of Penguin Classics. The paintings, many of which he compiled in a 2007 Rizzoli book, often prod at a deeper truth about the author or text, or just plain make fun — like his oh-so-appropriate titular approximation of every Hemingway novel ever and his stab at imagining Poe’s delusional mindset. Plus, as A Continuous Lean points out, Miller is a model in a new Dunhill campaign, which only reminds everyone how much they want to spend that thousand dollars on his art instead of on fancy-manly accessories. Indulge yourself, and click through for a gallery of Miller’s Penguin-inspired artworks, but be warned: profanity abounds. … Read More

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Our Favorite Writers as Legos

We already knew that you can do just about anything with Legos, but we never imagined we’d see our favorite writers portrayed with that telltale yellow skin and weird cup hands. Luckily for us, way back in 2007, Fine Clonier held a contest asking people to build Lego versions of historical figures. But it’s only now, via Booklicious, that we’re hearing of it, and we thought we’d share. Obviously our favorites are the literary figures, but there are many great ones, so click through to see all the literary legos, and browse all the contest entries, from Hatshepsut to Pelé, here. … Read More

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Wanted: Posters of Famous Writers’ Houses

To celebrate the launch of the new website Writers Houses, Aislinn Forbes has created a series of four literary posters, each featuring a famous writer’s home and address. While we’re partial to Flannery O’Connor’s digs (a good woman’s house is hard to find), you can also nab illustrations of the home of Edward Gorey, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allen Poe. Click through to view them all, and then grab one of these limited-edition prints for $20 a pop, or $75 for a 4-pack here. … Read More

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