Pic of the Day: SANAA's Serpentine Pavilion Inspires Ice Skating


SANAA’s temporary Serpentine Pavilion design will debut this July in Hyde Park. Their made-in-all-lowercase description of the project: “‘made of floating aluminum, drifting freely between the trees like smoke… its appearance changes according to the weather, allowing it to melt into the surroundings. no walls, it extends uninterrupted across the park with access from… Read More

Quote of the Day: He’s Just Not That Into Your Pink Landline Phone


“The slight strangeness of its Baltimore location aside, the movie plays with architecture and design in a way that bridges the architecture-makes-you-cool overtness of a film like, say, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Luke Wilson is architect and therefore attractive) and the grittily appealing sets of Addicted to Love. Unfortunately, He’s Just Not That Into You plays… Read More