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Celebrating Manet’s Birthday with 25 Reclining Nudes [NSFW]

Today is Édouard Manet’s 180th birthday, so we’ve decided to pay homage to one of his most scandalous accomplishments — the presentation of Olympia at the 1865 Paris Salon. The controversy! The uproar! Oh, that “shocking,” “vulgar,” “immoral” reclining nude! It wasn’t as if society hadn’t seen a nude in art before; it was the way she was presented — not as some floaty goddess, but a real, confident, vampy naked gal, seemingly in the middle of a commanding crotch grab, perhaps even a high class prostitute. And so, let’s take a semi-random survey of the reclining nude in art history, from Manet’s Olympia inspirations — Titian’s 1538 Venus and Giorgione’s 1510 Sleeping Venus — to sleeping, lying, horizontally leaning nudes in contemporary visual culture. See all that flesh change along with aesthetic movements and trends and commercial motivations. Observe the body language. Naturally, we’ve left huge gaps, so feel free to fill in our jagged little timeline with your suggestions and favorites in the comment section. … Read More

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Julianne Moore as Famous Works of Art

Julianne Moore is… Modigliani’s muse, a Klimt damsel, and a tousled temptress by Egon Schiele. Recently, this incredible photo shoot with the actress has surfaced out of an old Harper’s Bazaar and into the art-minded Tumblr-sphere. Check out the shots taken by the famous fashion photographer Peter Linderbergh, side-by-side with their original inspirations, as spotted by Museum Nerd. What strikes us isn’t just the meticulous styling, strategically echoing the visuals of the original artwork with couture. Moore is doing a splendid job channeling the subjects, beaming with vigor of a glamorous “cripple” by John Currin, as if she was a Currin model frozen in a frame. You be the judge. Do these do it for you? … Read More

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Accidental Paintings of Hipsters by the Masters

It is our contention that the hipster has been around forever, and will be around forever. Scary, we know. But whether or not our prediction holds true, the special combination of cool and youth has always inspired culture, even the oil paintings of masters like Renoir, Schiele, Magritte and Picasso. Don’t believe us? We scoured the repertoires of our favorite artists — impressionist, expressionist, surrealist and otherwise — to find their paintings of what might now be called hipsters. Now, we’re not exactly claiming that these artists knew they were painting 21st century hipsters (although who is Schiele kidding), but future generations get to interpret art as they see fit. Click through for our list of accidental paintings of hipsters by famous master artists. … Read More

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Madonnas, Pianos, Pigs, and Presidents: Masterpieces in Maastricht

The annual art and antiques fair in Maastricht is arguably the grandest event of its kind in the world. Mixing ancient relics, coveted old master works, precious antiques, and prime examples of modern art and design in a stylishly designed hall — overflowing with colorful displays of roses and tulips — TEFAF Maastricht… Read More

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