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Bingo Battle: Traditional Publishing vs. Epublishing


The worlds of traditional and electronic (and/or self-) publishing have been at war ever since the latter reared its technologically advanced head. And it looks like the next battle will be fought in an unexpected but entirely appropriate venue: viral Bingo cards. Over the weekend, John Scalzi posted Electronic Publishing Bingo, a card filled with tiresome and naïve arguments from that format’s supporters, including such chestnuts as: “All art should be free” and “Printing is the most costly part of publishing.” Now, a copyeditor and Boing Boing reader who goes by the Flickr handle Shmuel 510 has fired back with Traditional Publishing Bingo, a similar collection featuring gems like: “Wikipedia cannot possibly work” and “Nobody wants to read on a screen.”  Both sides make excellent points, so which Bingo card will you be staking your hard-earned book money on?
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Daily Lit: Books by Chapter, Now for Free


With all the hype surrounding e-readers this holiday season, it’s easy to forget that there are still plenty of other avenues for reading on a screen. One of those is Daily Lit, a handy site that delivers books chapter by chapter to your inbox or your RSS reader, allowing you to read Dickens by installment – the way he intended. Some of the site’s offerings are a bit slanted toward the public domain, but it beats squinting at a .pdf file on Scribd, paging through the Google Books interface, or dropping a chunk of change on Amazon’s one-use device. Best of all, the site is now free, making it a cinch to catch up at work, on the subway, or on vacation, without lugging along a… Read More

The E-Reader Roundup: Can You Kill A Kindle?


Though some school’s are handing out Kindles for free (only to be met with controversy from the blind community), Amazon’s still in trouble for the Orwell debacle and The Free Software Foundation is petitioning them to relinquish control of e-books customers buy.

Barnes and Noble are getting into the game with free wifi in thier stores for what they are calling “the world’s largest e-bookstore”. The software will be available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, smart phones, computers and the Plastic Logic e-reader, which is expected to come out later this… Read More