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“Naptime, Motherf—”: Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood Fight Zombie Children in ‘Cooties’ Trailer

It’d be unlikely for an insult as poetically repugnant as “You look like you’ve got chicken pox, if chicken… Read More

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10 Child Performers Who Aren’t Horrifyingly Obnoxious

This week, the underrated and rather lovely 1991 drama Little Man Tate makes its Blu-ray debut; it’s a film best known as Jodie Foster’s first in the director’s chair, but it also features a terrific Adam Hann-Byrd in the title role. His is one of those performances that come along every once in a while to remind you that, contrary to how it might seem, not all child actors are bratty, shrieking nightmares, cloyingly cute moppets, and/or smartass one-liner machines. Here are a few more of that rare ilk. … Read More

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Watch Trailer for Feminist Iranian Vampire Film, ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’

The vampire genre experienced its insufferable peak when Twilight and True Blood were both going simultaneously, then slowly started to fade when everyone… Read More

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This ‘LOTR’-Themed In-Flight Safety Video Starring Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson Will Quell Your Fear of Flying

So, if you were 30,000 feet above the ground and started feeling some bumps that seemed a little more worrisome… Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in March

At risk of getting all post-Oscar hyperbolic, I have a bit of good news: this is one of the best months for independent movies in a long, long time. Of the 11 films I had the chance to check out in preparation for this month’s indie guide, every single one is at least worth your time, and several are a good deal better than that; they offer a wide range of experiences, from familial comedy to baroque suspense to penetrating documentary to, well, Wes Anderson. (He’s kind of his own experience.) Our many, many recommendations for March movie-going are after the jump. … Read More

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This Week in Trailers: ‘Maniac,’ ‘Won’t Back Down,’ ‘Hit & Run,’ and More

Every Friday here at Flavorwire, we like to gather up the week’s new movie trailers, give them a look-see, and rank them from worst to best — while taking a guess or two about what they might tell us (or hide from us) about the movies they’re promoting. We’ve got new seven trailers this week, featuring Bradley Cooper, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Orlando Bloom, Kristen Bell, Elijah Wood, Zoe Saldana, and Olivia Wilde. Check ’em all out after the jump, and share your thoughts in the comments. … Read More

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10 Truly Bizarre Museums Around the World

Las Vegas is now home to the Mob Museum. The cultural ode to organized crime opened its doors on February 14, marking the 83rd anniversary of Chicago’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Gang wars erupted in the Illinois state in 1929, leading to the murder of seven mob associates. Now you can learn about it all, up close and personal in Sin City — a place with its own history of mob ties. Exhibits include a revolver found at the site of the famous massacre and the barber chair, in which 1950’s mobster Albert Anastasia was assassinated. In order to keep things accurate, the museum staffs former FBI agents, former police officers, historians, and other experts. The Mob Museum isn’t the only offbeat institution, of course. We’ve found a few other bizarrely fascinating museums around the world that easily rival it. Find out what other exhibition spaces we raised our eyebrows at past the break. Tell us the places you’ve been to below. … Read More

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Watch Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore in ‘The Death and Return of Superman’

Screenwriter Max Landis, son of famous director John Landis, had his first film, Chronicle, hit theaters yesterday. To coincide with that momentous event, Landis also chose that day to release his much-anticipated short film entitled The Death and Return of Superman (a mildly-clever marketing move, we admit). Described as a “somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film,” with nods to the “drunk history” short film trend, the film features Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Simon Pegg, Ron Howard, Chris Hardwick and more, and is an irreverent, sometimes hilarious, sometimes obnoxious look at DC Comics’ decision to kill and then resurrect Superman in 1992. Click through to watch the video, and let us know if it makes you more or less likely to go see Chronicle in the comments. … Read More

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Enter to Win a Custom Tote Bag from Bushmills and ACL

Bushmills has been going all out with its Since Way Back program, partnering with everyone from Bon Iver and Chromeo to Elijah Wood in celebration of strong friendships and longlasting traditions. As part of the campaign, the whiskey maker also teamed with style arbiter Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean. to create a custom-designed tote bag sold both through ACL and the Billy Reid store in NYC, with proceeds going to the Red Cross Tornado Relief Fund. As could be expected from such a collab, the bags sold out in a snap, but you still have a chance to get one — if you act fast. Head to Bushmills’ Facebook page by the end of the day today to enter to win one of four custom totes. If you win the grand prize, yours will even be filled with items selected by Williams himself. … Read More

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