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Watch Jason Schwartzman and Elisabeth Moss in the First Trailer for ‘Listen Up Philip’

The idea of Jason Schwartzman playing a socially problematic yet brilliant writer isn’t exactly a new one, but writer/director… Read More

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How ‘The One I Love’s’ Twisting Narrative Addresses Serial Monogamy

*Spoiler alert: This whole article is about the twists critics were asked not to talk about before the film was released. Proceed very carefully, knowing full well that if you haven’t seen The One I Love, you’re fucking yourself over.*

As Jason Bailey recently wrote, the final “twists” of The One I Love aren’t that twisty compared to its first major twist, which itself wouldn’t have been particularly twisty if the film had been marketed less opaquely. Aptly (and unavoidably) likened to Charlie-Kaufman-lite, The One I Love takes a fundamental but abstract element of human relationships and removes it from the realm of the abstract. What if the ideals we project onto the people we love (or are ceasing to love because they don’t match said ideals) actually coalesced to form entirely different people? This is the fundamental question of the film, at least until it begins branching off into another, more convoluted, pseudo-twisty (yet more interesting?) question towards its end. … Read More

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‘The One I Love’s’ Big, Secret Plot Twist Is About the Marketing, Not the Movie

When the screening invite for Charlie McDowell’s new film The One I Love landed in my inbox, an odd disclaimer caught my eye. “Please note that no one will be admitted to screenings of The One I Love once the film has begun,” it went. “We kindly request that you abstain from plot spoilers in your coverage and on social media.” This has been the movie’s big bullet point since it premiered at Sundance, spotlighted in the pull quotes of its trailer — there is a big twist, so overarching that when co-star Elisabeth Moss appeared on The Daily Show to promote it, she told Jon Stewart that said twist “basically means that I can’t tell you anything about the movie.” But once you see the movie, all of the coy pre-release hand-wringing doesn’t make a helluva lot of sense. It’s not a film that somehow hinges on explosive surprises; the fact that it’s being marketed as such is less a protective measure for the picture’s delicate fabric, and more an uninspired marketing hook. … Read More

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I Love Elisabeth Moss — But I Don’t Want to See Her Star in ‘True Detective’ Season 2

This is not a post about how Elisabeth Moss won’t do an amazing job on True Detective. We know she will: Moss is a veteran of obsessively recapped, Emmy-magnet Prestige TV, and the woman behind two of its most memorable roles. Whoever Moss is potentially playing in the second season of HBO’s anthology series — according to The Wrap, it’s “a tough, no-nonsense Monterey sheriff” struggling with gambling and alcohol abuse — her character will doubtless join Mad Men‘s Peggy Olson and Top of the Lake‘s Robin Griffin on the all-too-short list of well-written female characters on “serious” shows. (The label of “serious” often keeps Olivia Pope and company out of the critical picture, but that’s a conversation for another day.) So why was my gut feeling about the Moss rumor ambivalence, if not outright disappointment? … Read More

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Watch Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass Visit a Mysterious House to Save their Marriage in ‘The One I Love’ Trailer

The plot of Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass’ new film, The One I Love, is both simple and impossible to describe.… Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: “The Strategy”

What makes up a family? Is it a sense of longing, of reaching for something you can’t have, a legal bond, the happenstance of blood? The bonds fray this week, elegantly, as we watch the Mad Men definition of family (spoiler: it’s the workplace, of course). But the workplace is a choice that leaves a… Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Episode 5 Recap: “The Runaways”

Forgive me for sounding ancient, but maybe this season of Mad Men is a carousel of sorts? I’m not sure, really, but I feel like we keep circling around issue after issue, coming back to characters and dramas that feel sort of familiar, repetitive, where the goal posts have been moved just one inch. Which is to say, I had been convinced that after the sex and breakup of “Field Trip,” that Don and Megan were done, finito, never to talk again. But they do, and there’s a reason: Don’s “niece,” Stephanie Draper calls. … Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: “The Monolith”

Hey fans of Angry Males! Do you like metaphors? Because this episode was chock-a-block full of them. It was called “The Monolith,” and the central monolith was Sterling Cooper & Partners’ brand spanking new 1969 computer, installed to make Harry happy, taking over the creatives’ “lunchroom.” Is the monolith the moon, hanging over this (late… Read More

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‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: “Time Zones”

It’s a classic Mad Men advertising pitch. We open in extreme closeup on a pudgy face telling a story about how the Accutron Watch changes a man, with hear several slogans: “This watch makes you interesting.” “Accutron. It’s not a timepiece. It’s a conversation piece.” … Read More

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