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Being Fired From Hot Topic Made Me Stop Caring About Being “Alternative”

There’s nothing more professionally demoralizing than a group job interview — except maybe a group job interview at Hot Topic. Sitting on the concrete floor of my local Hot Topic’s back room, I wondered if my scuffed Chuck Taylors, bootcut black jeans, Bowie button, black plastic glasses, and vintage Weezer T-shirt — featuring what appeared to be a Daniel Clowes drawing of two female superheroes — would be “alt” enough. At the time I had no unnatural piercings, no gauges, no tattoos, no dye in my hair. I was a high school valedictorian who’d faced only two run-ins with the cops, once for absentmindedly blowing past a stop sign on the side of a school bus and once in front of my house because the cop was confused why someone would be blasting Brand New on a quiet street at that time of night. (On the latter occasion, my parents were too busy playing Toe Jam and Earl on my old Sega Genesis in their bedroom to hear the police loudspeaker and save me.) … Read More

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Why Music Fans Need to See Colin Hanks’ Tower Records Doc ‘All Things Must Pass’

AUSTIN, TX: “Everybody in a record store is your friend for 20 minutes or so,” Bruce Springsteen announces in All Things Must Pass, Colin Hanks’ nerdy, nostalgic documentary about Tower Records, which premiered last week at SXSW after seven years in the making. As ex-Tower clerk Dave Grohl points out later, this is not necessarily true of most record store employees, who have a snobbish reputation. But Tower was different. … Read More

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HBO Orders Pilot for Musical Period Piece from Elton John and ‘Six Feet Under”s Alan Ball

In a match made in either heaven or hell, HBO has ordered a pilot for Virtuoso, a musical drama and… Read More

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Watch: Lorde, Stevie Wonder, Florence Welch, Elton John, Everyone Else Perform “God Only Knows”

In “God Only Knows,” the Beach Boys abandoned the beach to write a  love song that was universally resonant;… Read More

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Bob Gruen’s Iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Portraits of John Lennon, Ramones, and Tina Turner

Even the most casual consumers of rock ‘n’ roll iconography have seen Bob Gruen’s iconic images. He’s shot album covers, photographs that ended up as posters and postcards, and portraits that come to be so associated with superstar musicians, they run in their obits. John Lennon’s New York City T-shirt. Led Zeppelin’s plane. That kind of thing. … Read More

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20 Dad-Rock Albums You Should Learn to Love

Dad-rock (n.): 1. (lit.) music played by dads; 2. music made by old white dudes that somehow always ends up on the car stereo and/or being played on the hi-fi at various school friends’ houses. Both these definitions probably leave you with the impression that it’s something to avoid, and while this is often true, it’s not always the case. Apropos of a recent Flavorwire office discussion about modern-day dad-rock, here’s a list of 20 AOR staples that are actually, y’know, good, starting in the golden age of dad-rock (i.e., the ’60s) and stretching through to the present… Read More

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10 Legendary Celebrity Parties

The Miley Cyrus VMA, European Music Awards, feminist, bleached eyebrows, and riding-naked-on-a-wrecking-ball hysteria has overwhelmed the media, and the singer will undoubtedly create new headlines as she celebrates her 21st birthday. Attendees can expect a “sex dungeon” and go-go dancers at tonight’s party, because why the hell not. She’ll also be taking over MTV on Sunday for eight hours of tongue-wagging shenanigans. The celebratory weekend will surely be one in a long line of memorable celebrity shindigs — ten of which we revisited for your amusement, below. … Read More

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