Will ‘Full House’ Become ‘Fuller House?': Links You Need to See

Yeah, this one right here goes out to all the semi-colons, commas. Dashes, full stops with dramas (!)…Actually, this one just goes out to the quotation mark, which I intend to wield with an unapologetic and facetious fury today—one of the keys to unleashing its “unacknowledged power.” For instance, are a tenth of the UK’s 12-year-olds really “addicted’ to porn?” Is this Japanese artist actually being inspired by “real” food to make jewelry and accessories that are “good enough to eat?” … Read More

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The 50 Funniest Cameos in Movie History

This week, Olive Films is releasing, for the first time on Blu-ray, The Road to Hong Kong, the last of the seven “Road” buddy comedies starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Hitting theaters a full decade after the penultimate entry, Hong Kong is an occasionally funny and occasionally wheezy bit of business, with one honest-to-God great sequence: an unbilled cameo by Peter Sellers, who strolls into the picture and steals the damn thing outright. Hope and Crosby were early adopters of the kind of inside-joke comedy that yielded such cameos, which became increasingly common in the years that followed; we’ve gathered up some of the funniest in movie… Read More

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It’s On Them: The Grammys Need to Practice What They Preach About Domestic and Sexual Violence

Following last year’s mass gay marriage, the Grammys got political again during last night’s ceremony. Beyoncé, Common, and John Legend honored Selma and all that the film represents, while Prince shouted out “Black Lives Matter” from the stage. Sam Smith thanked the man who inspired all his love songs, in the process acknowledging his sexual orientation in pop’s most public arena. Most pointedly, Katy Perry, President Obama, and activist Brooke Axtell presented a three-part PSA and performance against domestic violence and sexual assault. It was a touching gesture, but with Chris Brown, R. Kelly, and Eminem all up for (and, in some cases, winning) awards last night, it also felt disingenuous coming from an Academy — and an industry — that continues to support real assailants. … Read More

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25 of Music’s Most Obnoxiously Misogynist Songs

As long as there’s been music, there have been unpleasant lyrical descriptions based on the subject’s gender — songwriters have long been relying on stereotypes and/or on demonizing the opposite sex as a way of expressing their pain and heartbreak and resentment and whatever else is troubling them. None of this, of course, means that doing so is anything less than obnoxious, so as an exercise in symmetry, over the next couple of days, we’re looking at both misogyny and misandry (because, y’know, that’s a real thing!) in music. First, then, the misogynist side of the… Read More

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Meet the Murderer from ‘Too Many Cooks': Links You Need to See

Are you obsessed with “Too Many Cooks”? No? Don’t know what it is? Well, it’s the 11-minute, Casper Kelly-directed (read Gawker‘s interview with him here) Adult Swim feature that parodies ’70s and ’80s television title sequences while slowly introducing a serial killer plot-line into the mix. It’s been viewed nearly two million times. And that’s baffling! The fact that an absurdist piece of entertainment has succeeded in infiltrating the Internet’s most mainstream channels, and has not been strictly relegated to the most underground Reddit subs and /b/ threads, is a sign that people are either really, really bored at work, or just really into delightfully well-produced nonsense. … Read More

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Perfume Genius Sells Feminized Eminem T-Shirt, Is Sure He Could “Destroy Him With Just a Look”

Finally, something wonderful has come of Eminem’s increasingly boring misogyny and homophobia: the below Perfume Genius T-shirt,… Read More

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If It’s November, It Must Be Time for Another Misogynistic Eminem Lyric

There are few things more undignified than the twilight of the controversial artist. If your popular renown is rooted in your ability to outrage the tender sensibilities of the general public, then you risk ending up engaged in a sort of constant battle to one-up yourself, to do the next outrageous thing, to go there again and again. As the years pass, you descend into a sort of sad self-parody, dropping contemporary references into your lyrics to prove you’re still relevant, saying ever more unpleasant things to show these upstart kids just who the OG is as far as being an asshole goes.

All of which is to say: Eminem is back in the news because of another nasty lyric about women! … Read More

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Started From the Waldorf School: The Teenage Performances of 8 Superstar Rappers

Last week, a video of a teenage Kanye West performing at New York City’s Fat Beats record store hit the Internet, an unlikely gem the store’s former manager found while converting old Hi8 videotapes to DVD. And now, a beautifully titled song by a 16-year-old Eminem — “Pooh Butt Day” — has also emerged from the Internet’s depths, a surprisingly upbeat foot-tapper from an artist known for anger and darkness. … Read More

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The 25 Best Rock Movies Ever Made

Next Tuesday, the Criterion Collection will release an all-new, stunningly restored, and just plain wonderful Blu-ray version of A Hard Day’s Night, the classic Beatles musical comedy that, wouldn’t you know it, also turns 50 years old this summer. To mark the release of that acclaimed rocker (and the theatrical unveiling of the thus-far less-acclaimed Four Seasons biopic Jersey Boys), we decided to round up the best rock movies of all time — no concert films and no documentaries, but narrative films where popular music plays a vital… Read More

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The Evolution of the Mental Hospital in Music Videos, From Björk and ‘N Sync to JJ

Swedish pop duo JJ recently released the video for their single “All White Everything.” The film is set in a mental institution, and director Olivia Kastebring imagines lead singer Elin Kastlander as a patient in a fittingly all-white environment, the footage intercut with a white-sequined contortionist who looks like the ghost of Pickle Surprise. From the powder on the floor to the patients’ white eyeliner to the contortionist’s costume, all surfaces in the video evoke the texture, colorlessness, and the emotional erasure of Xanax. The video wavers, from shot to shot, between being beautiful, unintentionally silly, and utterly disturbing in its aestheticization of the mental hospital setting. But it certainly isn’t the first music video to do so. Much like da club, da mental hospital has pervaded music videos for decades, most notably in the 1990s. … Read More

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