Emma Watson

How an ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Actor Became a Powerful Feminist Ally


It’s a safe bet that many of us feminists who say things like, “It’s not my job to educate you” and, “Why can’t [Celebrity X] just say she’s a feminist?” on Twitter or Tumblr, interact every day with people in our families, workplaces, and even social circles who are exactly like the folks we criticize online. Most feminists have have “I’m not a feminist, but” friends — and perhaps our daily interactions with these folks help to explain why we don’t feel compelled to slow down and teach Feminism 101 to curious strangers on the Internet.
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50 Cultural Icons on Their Favorite Books


Everybody loves a good book. Yes, everybody — even the rich, famous and culturally relevant. And since there’s nothing better than a book recommendation from someone you already idolize, why not check out which ones they count as their favorites? Maybe you’ll wind up finding out that you have even more in common with Lady Gaga than you thought. Click through to find out which books your favorite cultural icons, from Bill Murray to Joan Didion to Nas, love best — and get to padding that reading …Read More