Emmy Awards 2011

The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The 63rd annual Primetime Emmys aired last night. Modern Family — which took home just about every award it was nominated for, including Best Comedy Series — was the big winner, with Mad Men winning Best Drama Series and Downton Abbey practically sweeping the miniseries category. We’ve already rounded up the evening’s most awkward moments… Read More

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The 10 Most Awkward Moments on the 2011 Emmys

Hey, Flavorwire readers, did you watch the Emmys last night? There were a few great moments — when Friday Night Lights finally won a few awards, for example — and a few too many jokes that fell flat (why get Jane Lynch to host when you’re only going to let her get in one great zinger about how Entourage explains why she’s a lesbian?). The prevailing mood of the night, however, was neither triumph nor disappointment; it was extreme awkwardness. Relive the mortification and confusion with us as we enumerate the night’s most uncomfortable moments after the jump. … Read More

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The 2011 Emmy Winners We'd Love to See

With the 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards coming up on Sunday, just about every TV pundit has posted a list of predictions. But here at Flavorpill, we’re less interested in who we think will win than who actually deserves to bring home the trophy — so we’ve put together a roundup of the nominees we’d give the Emmy to, if the decision were up to us. Remind yourself of who’s up for an award here, then peruse our picks after the jump and tell us who you’re pulling for in the comments. … Read More

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Will the Emmys Come Down to ‘Mad Men’ vs. ‘Friday Night Lights’?

There is a lot to celebrate about Saturday night’s Television Critics Association Awards, a smarter, lower-key alternative to the Emmys, whose nominees and winners are decided by the 200 journalists who make up the TCA. For one thing, we were thrilled to see Nick Offerman — who the Emmys didn’t even deign to nominate — share an Individual Achievement in Comedy Award for his hilarious portrayal of Ron Swanson. It was also gratifying to see the TCA name dearly departed drama Friday Night Lights Program of the Year.

The critics’ choices do raise one interesting question, though: In addition to FNL‘s award, the TCA bestowed Outstanding Achievement in Drama honors on Mad Men — so, will the real Emmy drama competition turn out to be between those two series? It’s pretty obvious that we’re in love with both shows here at Flavorpill, but while the criminally underrated FNL just finished a masterful final season and has never been nominated before, Mad Men has taken home the trophy for each of the past three years. That’s enough to place us firmly in the Dillon Lions’ corner for 2011. Take a look at the complete list of TCA Awards winners after the jump and tell us where you stand on Mad Men vs. Friday Night Lights. … Read More

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Emmy Nominations 2011: The Year's Biggest Snubs and Surprises

It’s Emmy nomination day! By now, we’re sure the TV nerds among you have scoured the nominations, looking for heartening wildcards and frustrating omissions. Of course, we’ve been knee-deep in the wonkery, too. After the jump, we list the nominees in each of the Emmys’ most prominent categories and underline what we feel are this year’s biggest snubs and surprises. Tell us whether you think every single actor on Modern Family deserved a nomination — or complain about something entirely different — in the comments. … Read More

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