Ender’s Game

25 YA Novels Everyone — Even Adults — Should Read


It’s a truism that kids’ books aren’t just for kids. Franchises like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games wouldn’t be nearly as successful if adults weren’t packing into theaters along with teens and tweens, and besides, the stigma against teen lit is so passé. YA is a rich, fascinating, and constantly evolving subset of literature, and it speaks volumes about the values literature passes on to subsequent generations. That said, here are 25 of the best books and series whose appeal endures even for those whose ages don’t end in “-teen”; some are eternal classics, some personal favorites. All are …Read More

‘Ender’s Game’ Strips Out the Book’s Homophobia — But Also Its Emotional Resonance


Look: If your idea of a good time is to spend two hours being bombarded with the best in computer-generated imagery and a migraine generator of a score, then probably you will like Ender’s Game. And I do not cast aspersions on you for that! I, too, like things to blow up, and it seems to me an entire book of critical theory could be written in consideration of why it’s so fun to watch other (imaginary) people blow (imaginary) shit up. There is, after all, something more satisfying in it than actually blowing the shit up yourself, because you would, first of all, likely have to clean up the mess, which is another way of saying there would be repercussions for your momentary experience of stress release, and repercussions rather dampen catharsis.

That said, even on the scale of shit-blowing-up movies, Ender’s Game is not a terribly good one.
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