The 10 Sexiest Books of All Time

Today would have been the 110th birthday of one of history’s sexiest women, Anaïs Nin. To honor her confessional and often erotic literary legacy, we suggest you spend the day reading something unabashedly sexy — but no, not Fifty Shades of Meek Girl Blushing. It wouldn’t be a tribute to Ms. Nin if it didn’t have any literary merit. After the jump, cuddle up to our picks for the ten sexiest literary works of all time — but as in all things romantic, it’s to each their own, so if these leave you cold, suggest your own favorite titillating reads in the comments. … Read More

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Sasha Grey’s Writing an Erotic Novel That’s Being Compared to ‘Fight Club’

Sasha Grey has busied herself with a number of projects since her film debut in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, including a stint on HBO’s Entourage. Now the former porn actress wants to write an erotic novel, and Deadline reports that she’s secured a deal with imprints Grand Central Publishing and Little, Brown.… Read More

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10 Risqué Books Worth Buying a Kindle to Read

Here at Flavorpill, we can be bit old-fashioned. We usually prefer our books made of bound paper, but we admit the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has us all running for our Kindles — or buying them. There are certain books you don’t want to carry into work, or be seen reading on the subway, but with the anonymity of an e-reader, you can nurture your secret Christian Grey obsession (or whichever left-of-center obsession you choose) with complete freedom. With all the current fuss over E.L. James, we’ve delved a little deeper into risqué fiction, the kind of stuff you’ll stay up all night reading, whether by candle or Kindle light. Check out our after-dark reading list after the jump. … Read More

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James Franco Erotic Fiction Book to Be Published Soon

We suspect James Franco would approve of a current Kickstarter campaign to create a celebrity fan fiction erotica book inspired by the actor. Meet Fucking James Franco— a “collection of erotic fiction that describes hypothetical sexual encounters with the greatest American actor, writer, and visual artist of all time.” The authors are a… Read More

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