A Gay Man’s Guide to the Super Bowl

On Monday, Esquire ran a piece by author Mick Stingley called “The Straight Man’s Guide to HBO’s Looking,” which gave helpful advice to the men who were too spent from finding Lena Dunham disgusting to change the channel after the credits rolled on Girls and accidentally discovered the new series about gay men living in San Francisco. It’s a fun and very thoughtful piece that warns audiences that the guys on this show are boring because they do not mince around or get a lot of satisfaction from sleeping with strangers. Oh, and the one lady keeps her shirt on! Ugh! It was such an inventive, clever piece that it inspired me to give a quick guide, designed for my homosexual brethren, to the Super Bowl, arguably the straightest event on television. Because, you know, no gay guys like sports! Gross! … Read More

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The Internet’s Best Responses to the Government Shutdown (So Far)

Happy Day 11 of the Government Shutdown, everybody! Here’s hoping you’re one of the lucky ones who’s been able to spend the time just enjoying an epic run of Daily Shows, as opposed to, y’know, losing your paycheck with no end in sight while a bunch of Tea Party assholes crow about how unessential you are, but I digress. In this period of anger and frustration, we flock to our Internet, and thankfully, in our time of need, our Internet has not let us down. Here are a few of the sites, writers, and savvy Web folks who have come through for us. … Read More

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Lena Dunham Explains Why She’s So Controversial

As valid as many criticisms of Girls have been, we often ask ourselves why Lena Dunham — and not so many of TV’s other nepotism benificiaries or all-white character creators — has been so controversial. In a new interview with Esquire, Dunham explains why she believes she’s been a target: “People are ultimately threatened by… Read More

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‘Esquire’ to Publish E-Book Series Devoted to “Fiction for Men”

We know what “women’s fiction” means — or what the book industry has made it mean, anyway: family novels or girl-in-the-city tales with pink covers and swirly font. But what puts a book in the “men’s fiction” category? Well, we only have to wait until June to find out — that’s when Esquire will release… Read More

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Read Through the Finalists for the 2012 National Magazine Awards

Yesterday, the American Society of Magazine Editors announced the finalists for the 2012 National Magazine Awards, which judge American publications as a whole as well as specific articles within them. Bloomberg Businessweek, GQ, New York, The New Yorker and Vice are all nominated for overall excellence in the field of general interest magazines, Glamour, More, O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple and W are nominated for women’s interest, and The American Scholar, Aperture, IEEE Spectrum, The New Republic and Virginia Quarterly Review are nominated in the “Thought-Leader” category.

You should take a peek at those titles at your leisure, and check out the full list of finalists here, but we were more interested in the finalists in most of the major article categories. We’ve put together a handy list for you, with links to the nominated work. Yet again, we were flabbergasted and discouraged by the lack of female writers here — of the categories we looked at, they are only nominated in the Public Interest and Fiction sections. Regardless, there’s a lot of good writing here, so click through to get a handle on the ASME nominees, and let us know who you think should take home the prizes in the comments. … Read More

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Famous Magazines’ First Covers

In celebration of their 154th anniversary, our friends at The Atlantic shared a photo of their first cover, from November 1857. The difference between that image and the very different design the magazine is rocking these days sparked our curiosity about what some of today’s best-loved and most widely read publications looked like in their infancy. After the jump, we’ve rounded up debut covers of everything from The New Yorker to Vogue to Spin. We have to admit, some of them really surprised us: Who knew People started off so classy? Or that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s baby was TV Guide‘s first cover model? Journey with us through media and design history after the jump. … Read More

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Now and Then: Vintage and Contemporary Magazine Covers

Culture is an ever-evolving beast, it’s true. We may not be completely sure where it’s going, but we do know where it’s been, and how better to track our progress than by looking at the changes in the most popular (and enduring) lifestyle and culture magazines in American culture? We’ve already taken a look at redesigned book covers, but magazines are a more immediate reflection of our selves – like advertisements, they’re a reflection of a cultural ideal. Plus, well, they’re fun to look at. Click through to see the vintage covers and contemporary redesigns of your favorite American rags, and let us know if you think we’re changing for the better or worse. … Read More

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Happy 9th Birthday to Friendster!

A long, long time ago, way before the creation of copycats like MySpace or Facebook, there was Friendster, a social networking site launched by Jonathan Abrams and Peter Chin nine years ago today. And while the website has become something of a joke in recent years (particularly in business school classrooms), at the time it was insanely popular, gaining three million users within the first few months, and subsequently, a $30 million buyout offer from Google, which was declined in the hope of eventual billions. There were even spin-off sites. Remember Dogster? Or Elfster? … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Telegraph21

Online video portal telegraph21 makes choosing what to watch easier by curating some of the best up-and-coming documentaries and art films from around the world.

Twice a week, telegraph21 uploads either a short film or sample from a feature documentary, accompanied by screening information, additional links to the work, and an interview with the filmmaker. Whether featuring award-winning journalists or new independent filmmakers, the site’s emphasis is always on spreading good ideas related to important issues. Commencing this October, in partnership with The Big Screen Project, the site will also broadcast its films on the Eventi Hotel‘s outdoor multimedia screen in Midtown Manhattan. … Read More

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