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50 Excellent Fabulist Books Everyone Should Read

Fabulism, it seems, is having a moment — although whether it’s truly a trend is up for debate. Some might say it’s been right there, purring along, all this time, while others might blink and wonder what you’re talking about. Such is always the case with magic. But whether you’re a newbie or an old hat, there are always new corners of the fantastic to discover. So, here you’ll find 50 excellent novels and short story collections by fabulists, fantasists, and fairy-tale-tellers, literary books that incorporate the irreal, the surreal, and the… Read More

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10 Highbrow Books to Read on the Beach

This weekend marks the official start of summer, which brings us visions of lying on sandy beaches, an umbrella-topped drink in one hand, and of course, a book in the other. Now, picking beach reading can be difficult — at least if you’re a book geek in your non-bathing suit clad hours. You don’t want to waste your time on something trashy, but you also don’t want to tackle Ulysses in the midst of all that sun and surf. Well, not to worry — we’ve got you covered like SPF 80 with some great books that will transition perfectly from desk to pool and back again. Last summer, we gave you a rundown of a few of our favorite highbrow beach reads from years past, so this year we’re focusing on new books (or to be precise, books that have come out since last summer) that will captivate you on the beach and still make you look smart when you get back to the city. Click through to check out our list of new highbrow books that are still beach-appropriate, and if we’ve missed your own favorite, be sure to add to our list in the… Read More

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10 New Must-Reads for March

Though winter (at least in New York City) has been relatively easy on us, we still can’t escape the dreariness of this time of year — when it feels like the cold has been beating on our doors and noses forever, and that it will never stop. In weeks like these, we need something to distract us from the fact that it’s still winter, and obviously the best distraction is a wonderful, immersive book to give you that final boost before spring. Our must-reads for this month include short story collections by the legendary, brand-new, and somewhere in-between, a long awaited follow-up or two, and a graphic re-imagining of Goliath as an admin junkie. Click through to check out the books that get us pumped for this month, cold or nay, and let us know which books you’re most excited to pick up in the comments! … Read More

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Exclusive: James Lasdun Shares His Favorite Short Story Bedfellows

“I’m in love with you,” she’d told him matter-of-factly, “and it’s beginning to hurt.”

So goes a climactic moment in the story that gives James Lasdun’s new collection, It’s Beginning to Hurt, its name. The story in question is barely three pages long, but Lasdun writes like an iceberg, meaning that those three pages represent just the one-eighth we can see floating above the water. Here’s what The Rumpus had to say about the collection: “The delivery of a revelation, the subtle gesture that shifts the reality of everything that has come before—these are Lasdun’s bread and butter, giving his stories their understated… Read More

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