Etgar Keret

10 Must-Read Books for June


Always the sleeper month, poised on the edge of beach weather, June often yields the best mix of diverting and satisfying reads. And, this year, they come in pairs. Take the absurdist visions of Etgar Keret and Milan Kundera, or the deep internet excavations of Joshua Cohen and Jamie Bartlett, or the debut fictions of Mia Alvar and Rebecca Dinerstein… June of 2015 strikes the perfect balance ahead of the autumnal slog through literary …Read More

50 Excellent Fabulist Books Everyone Should Read


Fabulism, it seems, is having a moment — although whether it’s truly a trend is up for debate. Some might say it’s been right there, purring along, all this time, while others might blink and wonder what you’re talking about. Such is always the case with magic. But whether you’re a newbie or an old hat, there are always new corners of the fantastic to discover. So, here you’ll find 50 excellent novels and short story collections by fabulists, fantasists, and fairy-tale-tellers, literary books that incorporate the irreal, the surreal, and the …Read More