Watch Björk Metamorphose from Broken Statue Back Into Herself in Astonishing “Family” Moving Album Cover

Three-quarters of the way through “Family,” the song on Björk’s Vulnicura that follows the monumental just-after-the-breakup dirge, “Black Lake,” there’s… Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Short Film ‘Baby Crazy’ Turns Family Planning Into Magical Realism, Celebrates Chicago Music Scene

Up until recently, Haroula Rose was known primarily as a folk singer-songwriter. Her songs have shown up on American Horror Story, Justify, and How I Met Your Mother, but Rose’s transition to the screen extends beyond the soundtrack. Here, in her proper short film debut “Baby Crazy,” the L.A. transplant explores what “‘being ready’ even means” when it comes to starting a family, all the while subtly celebrating the Chicago music scene she came up in. … Read More

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Complicated Sister Relationships in Cinema

Based on the love triangle between real-life aristocratic sisters Charlotte and Caroline von Lengefeld and rebellious German poet Friedrich Schiller, Dominik Graf’s Beloved Sisters — which opens in theaters this weekend — explores the trio’s playful and complicated relationship. Sororal kinship and all its complexities have been a source of fascination for filmmakers for decades. Here are ten movies that center on the feminine familial bond and rivalries between sisters in compelling ways. … Read More

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On Loving “Bad” People: Links You Need to See

With the polar vortex looking down on the East Coast and the sun setting on one of our last days of loveliness, perhaps we should be focusing on indoor activities: This may be a little old, but BuzzFeed’s piece about people’s pooping preferences is extremely timely and crucial. Most of us have been privately pooping since we were five or so, and thus our habits have solidified, let’s say, in isolation, without outside influence. There are some odd findings here; for example, 9% of those polled take off their shirts to poop. Not sure what purpose that serves, but you know, whatever…floats your boat. … Read More

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Touching Photos of a Grandfather’s Life Documented Through the Possessions He Left Behind

Going through a deceased loved one’s belongings is an emotional process. One artist we learned about on Co.Design made it the center of her photo series, Inheritance. Andrea Tese created a visual documentation of her grandfather’s life by photographing groups of his possessions. We see objects that were familiar to his everyday routine (pots and pans), keepsakes he tucked away in boxes (locks of hair), and other markers of the late man’s identity. “Despite the potential sentimentality of the project for the artist and her audience, Tese’s photographs are abstracted by her deadpan treatment of the subject matter, organizing the items into grids, piles and sometimes playful arrangements that allow the objects to be assessed individually as well as en masse by the audience.” The images recapture beautiful moments in one man’s life, frozen in time, but also remind us of the ephemeral nature of our own existence. … Read More

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Adorable Photos of a Mother and Daughter Imitating Each Other

Carra Sykes — who Lost At E Minor was kind enough to introduce us to — created a series of photos inspired by a joke her uncle made about Carra’s mother wearing her daughter’s clothes. Sykes’ adorable portraits show mom and daughter, side by side, in identical outfits. The photos bring the wisecrack to life, but also provide insight into the relationship the two women share. As most mothers love to tell their children, no one knows you better than the person who gave birth to you. Each picture is a testament to that as the family resemblance shines through and supersedes mere fabric. See more of Sykes photos in our gallery. … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Chris Verene, Family

Documenting the lives of friends and family in a rural Midwest town, Chris Verene’s photo book Family reveals the struggles faced by declining American communities.

A Brooklyn-based artist and musician, Verene has intimately photographed the folks in his Galesburg, Illinois hometown for the past 26 years. Inspired by Diane Arbus, he makes heartfelt pictures of people and places in good times and bad — conveying the details in a few written words on the final print. … Read More

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