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Was Frank Ocean Right to Screw Over Chipotle — and Brag About It on Tumblr?


You’ve probably seen the cute Chipotle ad where a scarecrow starts his own taco business to challenge the giant evil industrial food complex, set to Fiona Apple’s rather lovely rendition of “Pure Imagination.” It turns out that Frank Ocean was meant to record the song, but backed out, claiming that he’d been misled. As per Gawker, “Ocean’s legal team says he was deceived, shown a video with no Chipotle branding, and told the song would be used in a campaign to promote responsible farming. They also claim Ocean was promised final approval on the project.” The company is suing Ocean for the $212,500 it advanced him for the song, on the basis that, well, he never sang it, and Ocean responded this morning by posting this on his Tumblr.
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