Fascinating Quotes About Horror Cinema from Female Filmmakers

February is a month buzzing with celebrations. For fans of horror cinema, that includes Women in Horror Month — which supports female genre artists and “seeks to expose and break down social constructs and miscommunication between female professionals.” Women in the film industry still face struggles, and genre cinema is frequently and unfairly disregarded by critics, but the female filmmakers creating works of horror today have a unique vision that is breaking new ground and continuing a tradition of women and fright films that started with pioneers like Alice Guy-Blaché. Here are fascinating quotes from some of horror cinema’s female filmmakers (several who will be directing the upcoming all-female horror anthology XX) who discuss everything from creating strong female characters to what it means to be a woman working in the genre. … Read More

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The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Kendrick Lamar on Race in America, Speedy Ortiz’s Feminist Anthem

This week was a tough one. A few established names dropped songs — Drake surprised us today with a whole album, Florence dropped a kind of confusing thing, and Hot Chip announced an album — but not all of them were quite up to snuff with what we’ve got here, which, to be honest, is also a bunch of stuff from established names. So, what we’re saying is: there was a lot of good music this week!

… Read More

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‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 7 Episodes 8 and 9 Recap: ‘Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington’ and ‘Pie-Mary’

A rather treacly episode featuring April and Leslie in Washington, DC, was followed up by a truly sublime exploration of gender politics in last night’s doubleheader of Parks and Recreation, “Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington” and “Pie-Mary.” When Parks and Rec gets topical, it can be so perfect, which is why we’ll miss it so dearly in the years to come. … Read More

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Christian Values vs. Christian Grey: Behind the Anti-Porn ‘Fifty Shades’ Backlash

A healthy sex-positive feminist debate has swirled around Fifty Shades of Grey in the years between the book and the movie. Harmless fantasy or trove of harmful tropes? Escape from capitalist patriarchy or reinforcer of the same, or both at once? Porn-world equalizer, poorly executed representation of the intricacies of the BDSM community, or fluffy mainstream crap? But beyond the world of “problematic” “tropes,” there’s more than one serious moral campaign gunning for both the book and film. In fact, the most intense backlash against the upcoming film comes from people who disapprove of it simply because it depicts sex, of the BDSM and premarital… Read More

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Feminism Is for Everybody, Including MRAs

One of the more ironic aspects of entrenched male opposition to feminism is this: living by feminist principles could genuinely improve things for men. Yes, male power and privilege will be surrendered when patriarchy recedes, but so will outsize expectations about masculinity. In fact, a lot of the complaints that MRA types clutch to their chests about an allegedly unfair world would be irrelevant in a feminist utopia. … Read More

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‘Girlhood’ Director Céline Sciamma on Reclaiming Childhood, Casting Her Girl Gang, and How Her Film Mirrors ‘Boyhood’

Bodies crushed against one another find solace in a grassy field. The players are suited in an exoskeleton of plastic, rubber, and metal — an armor that will serve them, in spirit, on the streets of the banlieues outside of Paris, where there is no other refuge. Light Asylum’s “Dark Allies” sounds more frantic in this setting, as the final play is made. When the teams remove their helmets, we realize these football players are young girls. From the first frame of Girlhood, director Céline Sciamma makes it clear that identities are worn like costumes. … Read More

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Cruel Obituary Focuses on Colleen McCullough’s Appearance

In April 2013, the New York Times notoriously memorialized rocket scientist Yvonne Brill by mentioning her “mean beef stroganoff” and position as the “world’s best mom” in the opening paragraph, before “surprising” readers with her scientific accomplishments: “But Yvonne Brill, who died on Wednesday at 88 in Princeton, N.J., was also a brilliant rocket scientist who in the early 1970s invented a propulsion system to keep communications satellites from slipping out of their orbits.” … Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Rebekka Karijord’s Feminist Ally Anthem “Oh Brother” Gets an Empathetic Video Full of Love

Sweden-based musician Rebekka Karijord didn’t see her father, who struggled with addiction, for most of her childhood in northern Norway. In her early teen years, she found a notebook of her father’s poems, lyrics, and sketches — most of which were about her and her mother — in the attic. She eventually travelled to Norway’s west coast to reunite with him, at which point he gave her two big plastic bags filled with his own lyrics. She used his words to find her own voice — an experience that comes full circle on her fourth album, We Become Ourselves, a stunning work that explores Karijord’s relationships with men with equal parts power and vulnerability through dramatic orchestral parts, tribal drums, sparse piano, and an overall vocal-driven style comparable to Lykke Li and Zola Jesus. … Read More

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‘This American Life’ Episode Humanizes Internet Trolling as Only Radio Can

Just about every writer whose work is posted on the Internet has to deal with the bane of the comments section, but for Lindy West, a former Jezebel staffer who currently writes for publications like GQ and The Guardian, the comments section has become a war zone. She’s candid and funny, unafraid to criticize rape jokes or explain how airlines discriminate against fat people, and her fearlessness has made her one of the most notable voices on the Internet. … Read More

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25 Songs That Perfectly Capture the Female Experience

A few months back, with what we intended to be a wink, Flavorwire brought you a playlist of misandry anthems that explored some of the stronger reactions to the patriarchy through song. Of course, not every song written from the female perspective qualifies as such, or, indeed, factors in men at all. Some aim to explore what it means to be a woman in a relation to other women, be it our friends or mothers or children. Many take society’s expectations, beauty standards, and double standards to task. Through these 25 songs, we explore just a few facets of what it means to be a woman navigating the… Read More

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