Nobody Asked Sky Ferreira If She Was OK With Terry Richardson (But Now We Know She Is)

Sky Ferreira is what you’d call an “epic” Facebook user. The lengthy, uncensored explanations she posts there routinely make headlines, in part because she’s typically responding to an accusation made by the media. This time, Sky defends Terry Richardson, the alleged sex abuser of young models/photographer who’s worked with Ferreira since she was 17 with nary an incident of inappropriate behavior. She focuses on her experiences with Richardson, careful not to demean the experiences of other women. … Read More

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Grown-Ass Women Need to Be Told It’s OK to Cry: On Sia’s “Big Girls Cry”

I’ve always found the adage “big girls don’t cry” to be insulting, particularly when applied to grown-ass women. First off, we’re not girls. Secondly, the notion that the occasional sob is not human, is false. Being in touch with your emotions and taking care of business are not mutually exclusive, despite how much portraits of female professionals in positions of power like to harp on such things. And actually, tear experts (yes, that’s a thing) say that emotional tears — instead of reflex or continuous tears, the two other kinds — remove stress hormones and other toxins from the body, in addition to stimulating the production of endorphins. So there.

… Read More

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All Hail the bell hooks Creepline: 15 Pithy Kiss-Offs From Famous Feminists

In case you haven’t heard of the latest great tool for 21st-century women, there’s now a phone number that will respond to calls or texts with bell hooks quotes. Which makes it absolutely perfect as a fake number to hand out to creeps when you don’t feel safe politely declining their advances. Drop some feminist knowledge on their asses, huzzah! … Read More

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Watching Myself on the Big Screen: ‘Obvious Child,’ ‘Girls,’ and Our Unreasonable Love for Characters Like Us

Aziz Ansari has this joke about white people, prompted by an interviewer suggesting he must be excited over the then-recent success of Slumdog Millionaire. “I had nothing to do with that movie,” he says, “it’s just some people who kinda look like me are in this movie that everyone loves and is winning Oscars.” The joke, of course, is that white people dominate media, so they must be psyched to see themselves in every film, from Ghostbusters to The Godfather. … Read More

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Just How Feminist Is Your Favorite Pop Star?

On a ranked scale from Lana Del Rey to Beyoncé, here’s how feminist your favorite pop stars… Read More

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Rihanna’s Sheer CFDA Dress Is a Brilliant Instagram Prank — and an Empowering Statement

If you have a pulse and an internet connection, you’ve surely seen it by now: last night at the 2014 CFDA Awards, Rihanna wore a sheer Adam Selman gown, exposing her breasts (and behind) beneath a translucent sheen of glittering Swarovski crystals. Yes, the dress was was daring and risky, and people still seem to be struggling to get their heartbeats back down to a normal level. But the bigger shock is just that — the fact that people are still shocked by Rihanna, still aghast at an exposed bosom, still adhering to these strange Puritan standards of censorship that we should have shucked off four centuries ago. … Read More

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The Tantrum of Masculinity: Rebecca Solnit on Mansplaining, Power, and Her Book ‘Men Explain Things to Me’

We need to listen to Rebecca Solnit. Over the course of 16 books, she’s one of the most brilliant thinkers of our time, tracing the past and future of America and the world through her incisive and provocative prose. Whether it’s something like A Paradise Built in Hell, about how humans respond to disaster, or Wanderlust: A History of Walking, or the vital essay collections A Field Guide to Getting Lost and last year’s The Faraway Nearby, Solnit writes mind-expanding books that make connections upon connections about crucial topics. … Read More

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The Media’s Reporting on Jill Abramson Is as Complicated as Her Firing

It was an abrupt change in leadership at The New York Times on Wednesday afternoon, when the staff gathered to hear that Executive Editor Jill Abramson was out, effective immediately, and that Dean Baquet would be the new managing editor. Abramson was not in the room, and she did not give a goodbye speech. … Read More

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Monica Lewinsky’s Comeback Shows We’re as Confused About Her as Ever

Sixteen years ago, I spent every morning eating Cheerios with no milk and reading the newspaper, like every kid who wanted to know what was going on in the world. But on a September day in 1998, my copy of The Boston Globe had a special section about The Starr Report, an exhaustive, R-rated tale of how then-President Bill Clinton had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. Blue dresses. Linda Tripp. A description of the President’s sexual proclivities. The cigar was included, in excruciating detail. … Read More

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