Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk Releases Excerpts from ‘Fight Club 2′ in ‘Playboy’

Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk’s cult novel, is receiving a sequel that diverges from the original in form: it’s a graphic novel, illustrated by… Read More

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Chuck Palahniuk’s Views on Gender in Fiction Haven’t Evolved Since 2005

To promote the upcoming release of his new novel Beautiful You and the Fight Club 2 sequel, Chuck Palahniuk has been periodically answering fan questions on his Tumblr. As expected, most of the questions revolve around Fight Club. Also as expected, most of the answers range from insipid to laughably stupid — including one response in particular that seemed like a case of mass trolling. In a post that has since been deleted (but will live on in screenshots and reblogs forever), Chuck Palahniuk mourns the dearth of novels that focus on male issues: … Read More

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“Tyler Durden Has Been Around for Centuries”: Chuck Palahniuk Talks ‘Fight Club 2′

When Chuck Palahniuk floated the possibility of a graphic novel sequel to his now-classic book Fight Club at New York Comic Con last… Read More

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Awesome Pop Culture-Inspired Art From Gallery 1988’s New ‘Crazy 4 Cult’ Book

We’ve professed our love for Gallery 1988, the pop culture-obsessed art gallery with locations in Melrose and Venice, so many times that we’ve all but become a fan site. But their work isn’t just for Los Angelenos; a couple of years back, they put out a coffee table book of their best stuff called Crazy 4 Cult, and like all big hits, it has prompted a sequel. Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2 is out now from Titan books, and Gallery 1988 has been kind enough to pass on some of the best movie and TV-inspired art from the book; click through to check it out. … Read More

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10 Bizarre Movie Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories: they’re as fascinating as they are maddening. For every ridiculous idea that the stoner in your life insists on telling you about every time you see him/her, there’s another theory that sounds like it could just be true. Here at Flavorwire this week, we’re investigating conspiracy theories in pop culture: yes, it’s Conspiracy Theory Week! Don’t tell the Illuminati.

The most intriguing of today’s DVD and Blu-ray releases is Room 237, director Rodney Ascher’s ingenious montage documentary showcasing the wildest fan theories about Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining. Among them: that the film is an apology for the genocide of the Native American, that it is an examination of the crimes of the Holocaust, and (best of all) that Kubrick helped fake the Apollo moon landings while making 2001, and though he could never tell the truth about that job, he inserted various clues and explanations into The Shining as an apology/confession. Sounds crazy, huh? Well, there’s plenty more, even stranger movie theories floating around the Internet, and since we know how much you love this sort of thing, here’s a few of the odder ones. … Read More

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5 Cult Movies That Deserve Straight-to-Video Sequels

Showgirls fans rejoice! Rena Riffel, who played minor character Penny Slots in the original film, has written, produced, and directed a sequel to the classic B-movie, aptly titled Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven. And yes, she reprises her original role. This time, Penny heads to Los Angeles to chase her own dreams of stardom in what appears to be a cinematic amalgamation of the original Showgirls, Black Swan, Mulholland Drive, and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls… Read More

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10 Famous Works of Literature With Queer Subtexts

Yesterday at Salon, Caleb Crain, author of the highly praised novel Necessary Errors, talked a bit about being a gay novelist and the effects non-heterosexual subject matter has on the chances for a novel’s publication. In response to a question about needing a “gay canon” of literature, Crain said, “The straight canon is very gay… I don’t read somebody because they’re a gay writer. I read them because they’re a good writer.” It’s true that it seems silly and reductive to insist on setting gay writers apart from their straight cohort (although doing so can help raise awareness that they do, in fact, exist), especially since there’s enough queer subtext in popular literature already. Just have a look at these ten obvious examples.  … Read More

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50 Places Every Film Fan Should Visit

If you hadn’t noticed, Flavorwire isn’t just your home for cultural criticism and commentary; we’re also your online travel agent for pop pilgrimages. After the enthusiastic responses to our lists of must-see literary and music places, it seemed only appropriate to compile a similar guide to film places of note: museums, tours, theaters, but most of all the locations where your favorite movies were… Read More

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