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10 Memorable Cinematic New Year’s Eves

Ah, New Year’s Eve — that special night of the year where we put so pressure on ourselves to have a great time, have a great time, HAVE A GREAT TIME that we end up, inevitably, having a really lousy time. (Don’t pretend like it’s just me.) Part of our self-imposed pressure to enjoy ourselves on the last night of the year is, we contend, the fault of movies, which often present the evening as an occasion for joyous celebration, thoughtful reflection, and new beginnings (often with a new object of affection). But some films also recognize the nightmare of New Year’s Eve, and dramatize that. We’ve assembled a few examples of each after the jump, and humbly present ten on-screen New Year’s Eves that we find memorable — for reasons both good and bad. All will make fine New Year’s Eve viewing — and are far better than New Year’s Eve. … Read More

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Celebrity Liquor Brands, Ranked from Nauseating to Delicious

Flavor Flav announced last week that, since the flavor of love apparently remains elusive (we assume), he will launch a new line of flavored vodka and a fried chicken franchise (though we hope there will be no vodka-flavored chicken or vice versa). He’s not the first celebrity to go beyond perfumes and clothing lines and into the heady world of alcohol branding. From vodka encased in a crystal skull to Marilyn Manson’s unfortunate-sounding Mansinthe, we’ve ranked celebrity poisons in order from most to least disgusting-sounding. You’re welcome. … Read More

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Reader Poll: Will You Buy Some Shares of Public Enemy?

Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and the rest of the Public Enemy gang want your money. Earlier today their profile appeared on SellaBand.com looking for funding to record their 13th album. For just $25.00, you can help make their $250,000 goal a reality. According to the web site the money will be used to a)… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Richard Prince’s Spiritual America, a nude portrait of 10-year-old Brooke Shields, has been pulled from a show scheduled to open tomorrow at the Tate Modern after the museum had a visit from the “obscene publications unit of the Metropolitan police.” [via The Guardian]
2. Contrary to previous reports, Comcast is not in talks to buy NBC-Universal from General Electric. This is good news for 30 Rock. [via Philly.com]
3. Paramount has shifted the release date of Up in the Air, hopefully avoiding a George Clooney vs. George Clooney showdown at the box office. [via THR]
4. Flavor Flav — who dropped out in the 10th grade — is shopping around a new reality series that would send him back to high school to receive his diploma. [via THR]
5. Listen to “Scoff,” an unreleased Nirvana song from Sub Pop’s upcoming Bleach reissue. [via… Read More

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