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Dave Grohl Sets His Rock Savior Schtick Aside for Solid Storytelling in HBO’s ‘Sonic Highways’

Forty minutes into the first episode of Dave Grohl’s eight-part HBO docuseries, Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, he starts singing out a heavy baritone guitar part to Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen in the most dramatic of manners, waving his hands like a marching band conductor. (Grohl, it should be noted, was just seen wearing a T-shirt with Nielsen’s face on it.) He breaks eye contact with the underrated guitar great just twice in the ten-second exchange, instead looking right at the camera as if to make sure there was footage of him directing yet another one of rock’s legends. … Read More

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Watch the Trailer for Dave Grohl’s American Music Documentary Series, ‘Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways’

The Foo Fighters’ eighth studio album is coming out in November, and what better way to celebrate that than with… Read More

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HBO Sets Premiere Date for Foo Fighters Documentary Series

HBO finally confirmed the debut date for the Foo Fighters documentary series Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways. The eight-episode season will premiere… Read More

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Old Master-Style Still Lifes of the Ridiculous Food Musicians Request on Tour

We’ve looked at the strange and hilarious demands that musicians made in their tour riders before, and artist Henry Hargreaves brought those contractual requests to life in a new photo series. In the style of Old Master paintings, Hargreaves photographed the nibbles pop stars like to stuff their faces with. “I was inspired to create this series after reviewing a few riders from some of the biggest acts in the world, all of which were ridiculous,” the artist wrote for Vice. “What I found most interesting about them is that they offered a glimpse into their larger-than-life personalities.” It’s true. Sinatra lived on booze, New Kids on the Block eat like 12-year-old boys, Axl Rose’s cuisine also makes you want to punch him in the face, and Prince sips tea. Meanwhile, Billy Idol has danced with himself for so long, he’s resorted to chocolate chip cookies and a tub of butter to soothe his weary feet (and soul). Take a closer look in our gallery. … Read More

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The Specifically 21st-Century Silliness of the Rock Hiatus

Last week’s single best headline came from the A.V. Club, who revealed on Thursday, “After four agonizing months, Foo Fighters call off their hiatus.” We weren’t entirely surprised by this news — we can’t imagine Spiritual Forefather of Nice Guys of OK Cupid Dave Grohl depriving his loyal fans of his regal presence for long. Still, the whole thing rather exemplifies the silliness of the “hiatus,” a largely 21st-century phenomenon that used to be called “bands doing other stuff for a while” or “bands taking two years to make an album.” … Read More

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Dave Grohl Reveals the Documentary That Inspired His Music Career

At a Sundance event earlier this week promoting his new music documentary Sound City, I had the chance to ask Foo Fighters frontman (and now filmmaker) Dave Grohl about some of his favorite music documentaries. His thoughtful and wide-ranging answer was interesting enough, I thought, to warrant including in its entirety. … Read More

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Photo Highlights From the 2012 Global Citizen Festival

Yesterday, over 60,000 people gathered at Central Park for the Global Citizen Festival, a massive outdoor concert thrown by the Global Poverty Project, an organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty across the world. Festival-goers were treated to performances from K’naan, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, and Neil Young & Crazy Horse, with a surprise appearance by John Legend, who sang just one song: John Lennon’s “Imagine,” in addition to presentations from speakers like Olivia Wilde, Katie Couric and Jeffrey Sachs and short films about the issue of the day. It was a fantastic festival for a very worthy cause. Our intrepid photographer, Gabriela Arp, documented the day — click through to check out her photographs, and if you were there, share your experience in the comments! … Read More

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Neil Young, Foo Fighters to Headline Free Central Park Concert

What’s better than Neil Young, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, and K’naan playing a free concert in New York City’s Central Park on September 29th? How about all that, plus the news that these acts are coming together for Global Festival, a collaboration between the Global Poverty Project and Goldenvoice that aims… Read More

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