10 Fantastic Ice Cream Scenes in Film

The Mister Softee jingle is already ringing across neighborhoods with the start of summer just around the corner. Since we’re in the mood for a cone or two, we decided to look through the cinema archives and see what films featured ice cream scenes that spoke to us. It’s no surprise that everyone’s favorite dessert has appeared in a number of movies (and has been referenced in dozens more). Here are ten films to kickstart your ice cream cravings and a few that should help put you in the spirit of summer. … Read More

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“Smoothies, What the Fuck”: Steve Albini on Cooking, Celebrity Chefs, and Why Foodie Culture Sucks

Of all the searing appraisals attributed to Steve Albini — musician (Shellac, Big Black), recording engineer (Nirvana, The Breeders, PJ Harvey, the list goes on forever), owner of Chicago’s Electrical Audio studio, thrower of truth bombs, notoriously fair dude — the one that sticks with me the most comes from the least likely source: his 2012 interview with Bon Appétit. “I hate [the word] foodie because it’s cute, like pretty much all diminutives associated with eating,” he told the magazine. “Veggies, sammies, parm. I eat food, and I cook it: it’s for eating, preferably with friends, and I don’t make a fetish out of it.” … Read More

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How a New Wave of Feminist Cooking Publications Is Redefining Women’s Relationship to Food

“Goddess” and “beer” aren’t two words we’re used to seeing together; the beer companies have told us for decades that women are just a backdrop to beer enjoyment and beer making. (Even though that stereotype is further from the truth than you might think: according to the Brewer’s Association, the craft beer market is about 30 percent women.) But a timeline in Render Magazine’s second issue takes it easy on our Clydesdale-and-male-soaked unconscious. The “Goddesses of Beer” timeline is filled with kitschy and playful drawings of ladies with rosy cheeks, but beneath those cute drawings, there’s a powerful statement: women have always been brewmasters, as early as 1800 BC and even throughout the thirteenth century when strict restrictions were put on alewives once brewing moved from the house to the taverns — a woman could only be a brewmaster if her husband held the license. … Read More

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Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Made Coffee: A Barista Weighs In

On Friday, February 13, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler helped lead his team to a 59-51 victory in the NBA All-Star celebrity game, scoring eight points and snagging 12 rebounds. The next day — Valentine’s Day — he popped into La Colombe Torrefaction‘s new Hudson Square location, brewed his own Haitian coffee in a Chemex, and served it to customers in small, demitasse-sized takeaway cups. As a professional barista, the juxtaposition was surreal to observe, though the results were mostly ordinary.  … Read More

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Food Porn: Nudes Feasting on Takeout in Bed

Sarah Bahbah, aka Raised by the Wolves, takes the expression “food porn” to the extreme. The Australian photographer, who we learned of on Design You Trust, captures her nude subjects getting up close and personal with their pizza, burgers, and fries. Sex and Takeout is exactly what it sounds like: models posing suggestively with their snacks and snaps of hungry couples in bed feeding their various appetites. With the Internet’s weird obsessions over certain foods — first cupcakes, then bacon, and now pizza is king — Bahbah’s series is sure to find fans. The images are silly and sexy, and sure to inspire a takeout order after your next roll in the hay. … Read More

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Beautiful Pastry Shops Around the World

Desserts aren’t just delicious. They’re a sensory experience meant to be savored with every bite. The perfect pâtisserie offers more than just sweets. Bakers and food artisans have known for eons that nothing excites our palettes more than beautiful surroundings filled with delicious treats that tempt our eyes before our tummies. We traveled around the world to bring you some of the most beautiful pastry shops, where delighting in a decadent dessert is an art. … Read More

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How the Music Industry Capitalized on Foodie Culture — and Why the Culinary World Is Turning the Tables

A few months ago, in a foreign city I’d never visited before, I found myself fondling raw steak in a pitch-black room. Despite the disconcerting situation, all I could focus on was the conversation taking place several tables away: an argument between two men over a friendly bet. It sounded like they were wearing lapel mics. When one or more of the five senses is impaired, our remaining abilities overcompensate — a fact that sits at the heart of Montreal restaurant O.Noir’s light-free concept — but I hadn’t imagined my hearing would be the sense to take over when I sat down to… Read More

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Offbeat Adventures in San Diego

Presented by New Belgium Brewing

Ahead of New Belgium’s Tour de Fat rolling into its final California destination, we wanted to highlight some offbeat adventures in this other city by the bay (San Francisco ain’t the only one!). Slightly wacky, always wonderful, find these gems around San Diego, and get excited for the Tour de Fat at Golden Hill Park on Saturday, September 27! … Read More

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10 Stylish Picnic Sets for a Design-Savvy Day in the Park

‘Tis the season for sunny days and impromptu picnics in the park. This summer, pack the Pinot and dine en plein air with these designer-approved picnic sets. Keep it casual, but modern when you kick back for an afternoon of friends, food, and fresh air. Leave the ratty blanket at home and tote your gourmet goodies without sacrificing style. … Read More

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In the Mosh Pit with Diarrhea Planet at Rachael Ray’s Private SXSW Party

“In no way is Rachael Ray’s food associated with diarrhea,” Jordan Smith announces from the stage. “I want to make that extremely clear to everyone.” … Read More

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