Forbes’ Top Earning Authors: A Numerical Analysis

Forbes has published a list of the year’s highest-paid authors, and it’s a rather illuminating look at the way that the industry works. What do we mean? JK Rowling didn’t publish anything this year, and yet she still managed to rake in $10 million. James Patterson, who tops the list at $70 million, made $500 million for his publisher over the past two years. (One of every seven books sold in the US is his.) All of the highest-paid writers are white, and none of them are under the age of 36. Want to know more? Click through for the full list, and our breakdown of the numbers. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Even though she hasn’t been onscreen since 2008, Reese Witherspoon ranks second in Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses. [via Forbes]
2. Two female producers are defending Casey Affleck against allegations of sexual harassment on the set of his Joaquin Phoenix documentary. [via NYP]
3. Glee‘s Ryan Murphy… Read More

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The 13 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

Just in time for Halloween, Forbes has put out their list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities. This year’s group grossed a collective $886 million in the past 12 months. Topping the list is deceased French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who earned $350 million last year. Rounding out the top three are a trio of musicians: Rodgers & Hammerstein ($235 million) and Michael Jackson ($90 million). … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops Forbes’ list of The 100 Most Powerful Women for the fourth year in a row. [via Reuters]
2. The details of Karen O’s Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack have been revealed; it comes out September 29! [via Pitchfork]
3. Remember Jayson Blair of New York Times plagiarism scandal fame? He’s now a life coach. [via AP]
4. Disney and director Robert Zemeckis are in negotiations to remake The Yellow Submarine using 3-D technology, but the rights to certain songs might trip them up. [via Variety]
5. Will super expensive video ads save magazines? CBS and Pepsi are testing the waters. [via… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories

1. Angelina Jolie tops Oprah on the Forbes Celebrity 100 power list. [via Forbes]
2. Now that they’ve got you hooked, Hulu wants to start charging you for all of those Arrested Development episodes you’ve been watching. We bet Rupert Murdoch is behind this. [via Gawker]
3. Attention Bjork fans: “In… Read More

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