Forrest Gump

In Defense of ‘Forrest Gump’

Sometimes timing is simply beyond a filmmaker’s control, and Forrest Gump’s low standing among a certain (very vocal) portion of movie fans might have more to do with its timing than anything. To be precise, Forrest Gump took on Pulp Fiction at the 1995 Oscars and won, handily; it took home six Oscars to Fiction’s one (for Best Original Screenplay, the only one where the two films weren’t in competition). And in that face-off, Gump was set up as the kind of syrupy, heartwarming studio picture that Fiction was out to destroy — a perception that persists to this day. But Forrest Gump, which begins a one-week, 20th anniversary IMAX re-release this Friday, isn’t as simple as that; it’s a weirder, darker, and better movie than its reputation suggests. … Read More

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Plagiarism, Explained in ‘Forrest Gump’ GIFs

If Media Twitter seemed more jubilant than usual yesterday, it may well have been due to the news that BuzzFeed’s conservative-leaning “viral politics editor,” Benny Johnson (you may know him from such posts as “The Story Of Egypt’s Revolution In ‘Jurassic Park’ GIFs” and “What It’s Like Being Conservative On A Liberal Campus”), has been accused of plagiarizing from various sources to construct his highly considered political analyses. You’d think someone in Johnson’s position would know better, but look, surely it’s not all his fault — after all, the people making this kerfuffle are nasty liberal-media troublemakers, and anyway, how was he supposed to know not to plagiarize, eh? They never teach you that at the likes of Bob Jones University. Now he’s in trouble, and it’s not fair! So for the benefit of anyone else struggling with the concept of not lifting other people’s work, here’s plagiarism, explained in GIFs from a film that anyone sharing Benny’s political leanings will love: Forrest Gump! … Read More

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Could the Low-Budget Comedy Save Hollywood?

Twenty years ago, the highest-grossing movie of the summer wasn’t a budget-busting superhero movie, an explosion-driven sequel, a remake, a reboot, or (God help us) the fourth in a series of toy-based films about cars that turn into robots. The highest-grossing movie of the summer — of the year, in fact — was a mid-budget comedy/drama called Forrest Gump, which ended up winning six Oscars and grossing an astonishing $677 million worldwide, on a $55 million budget. Studios made mid-level movies like Gump back then (and not just in Oscar season); the following year, Universal’s Waterworld would make headlines and prompt giggles of derision when its budget zipped past $100 million. Such a thing was unheard of. Now, it’s impossible to imagine a major studio summer movie costing less than $100 million — unless, of course, it’s a film counter-programmed to make people laugh. … Read More

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The Best Life Advice From Movie Moms

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and don’t panic, there’s still time to order those flowers you’ve been putting off all week. After all, good ol’ mom gave you life, kissed your boo-boos, listened to your problems, and (if you’re lucky) gave the kind of advice that sticks with you forever. And if she didn’t, well, that’s what movie moms are for, so here are a few of our favorite bits of guidance from the mothers of the silver screen: … Read More

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15 Movies From the ’90s That Were Nostalgic for the Past

Sure, we can’t get enough of ‘90s nostalgia these days. But while we’re remembering all of our cool toys, our favorite Nickelodeon cartoons, and the now-discontinued cereals, it’s wise to think back to the baddest decade ever and remember that the ‘90s were actually nostalgic for previous decades. Take, for instance, these 15 movies: hardly just period pieces, these films made their respective past settings into characters of their own. … Read More

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The Movies People Need to Stop Quoting

Earlier this week, while running down the worst performances of some of our favorite actors, we were reminded again of that unfortunate moment back in 2000 where Robert De Niro cashed in the chip of one of his most iconic performances for a cheap laugh in a Rocky & Bullwinkle movie. That’s only one way of looking at it, of course — it could also be argued that everyone else had been quoting Taxi Driver for years, so De Niro was just getting in on the action himself. There is something to be said for the notion that, cinema classic though it might be, we’ve probably all had enough of people taking the opportunity whenever they look in a mirror to do a Bickle-esque smile/smirk and inquire, “You talkin’ to me?”

Taxi Driver is one of many great movies that have been trod upon by the corrupting influence of movie quoting, that unfortunate social phenomenon by which pop culture obsessives, unable to communicate with their own words, end up speaking primarily in dialogue lifted from their favorite films, rendering said dialogue tiresome and unwelcome. We’ve assembled over a dozen movies we’re sick of having quoted back to us, but we’re sure we left some out — and that’s what the comment section is for. Check them out after the jump. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. After moving more than 5 million copies, Adele’s 21 is not only the top-selling album of the year — it’s the best-selling album since Usher’s Confessions, which was released back in 2004. Also worth noting: Music sales were up 3 percent overall this year. [via Reuters]

2. Thanks to some serious preparations… Read More

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10 Great Sports Scenes in Non-Sports Movies

Here at Flavorpill, we can’t help getting a little excited about the US Open, even though we’re not usually particularly sports-focused. However, what with all the action going on right now, we’ve been noticing just how ingrained sports are in our daily lives, even when we’re not noticing it — we hear sports metaphors daily, look out our windows to kids playing ball on the street, and even engage in some healthy activity ourselves every once in a while. To that end, we’ve collected ten great sports scenes from movies ostensibly not about sports, so we can feel inspired to incorporate our US Open mania into our lives with no guilt. Click through to watch our ten favorite sports scenes from dramas, comedies, and other non-sports-based films, and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites in the comments! … Read More

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5 Maximalist Movie Parts Posters by Emma Butler

In her “Movie Parts” project, designer Emma Butler dissects her favorite films, creating posters “made up of all the memorable parts, pieces & props” that are essential to the movie. She conceived of the project as an other-end-of-the-spectrum alternative to the minimalist movie poster trend going around the internet these days, and her posters sure are maximalist. Now you don’t have to rely on just one element of your favorite movie to recognize it, you can have them all. Sure, we all know that our favorite movies are something more than the sum of their parts, but that doesn’t make their parts any less exciting, or at the very least, nostalgia-inducing. Click through for five of Butler’s creations, and click here to buy your own. … Read More

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Video of the Day: Forrest Gump in One Minute, in One Take

These kids from York University go all Be Kind Rewind on that meandering epic, Forrest Gump. They’ve also got a Kill Bill version, but we think their Gump is the superior effort. Tarantino’s hard to pull off without the copious amounts of blood.

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