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Fox News Boldly Investigates the Shameful Trend of “Female Breadwinners”

Here’s a fun game you can play the next time watch Fox & Friends — though, and I cannot stress this enough, you really should only be watching Fox & Friends to play this game or for other satirical purposes, as it’s a program with the net effect of an aluminum bat to the forehead, intellectually speaking. The game is called “Sure! If You’re a Fucking Idiot!,” and it goes like this: every time one of the Fox bobbleheads poses one of their “just asking!” questions, cheerfully reply, “Sure! If you’re a fucking idiot!” And then change the channel. (You can also play this game during most of Fox’s programming.) And on yesterday’s F&F, they posed this humdinger: “Are female breadwinners a problem?” … Read More

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‘NY Post’s’ Kyle Smith and Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Blame Young Liberals for Making Them Uncool

Good news, hate-readers: between writing screeds against women in Hollywood and non-review movie reviews, The New York Post’s Kyle Smith went and read him a book. Not even a picture book, either — one with words and everything! Alas, those words were written by Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, and the book is all about how us liberal hipsters took over the currency of cool from hard-working conservatives. In true Smith form, he doesn’t actually review the book; he merely parrots its talking points and lazily reappropriates the book’s title (Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You) into his headline (“The hipster war on you: How liberals use cool as a weapon”). Not that I’m complaining; it saves the trouble of actually having to read Gutfeld’s tome. Let’s see what these two middle-aged white dudes are angry about now! … Read More

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Bill O’Reilly Driven Crazy by ‘Between Two Ferns’ and Beyoncé

Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are, at this point in modern television, low-hanging fruit. If you want to find someone who adeptly creates outrage out of nothing, look no further than O’Reilly. Despite trying to rebrand himself as a popular historian in recent years with his books about the deaths of Jesus, Lincoln, and JFK, he has always made a career out of being angry at whatever popular left-leaning folks — from President Obama to George Clooney — are doing. The guy is easily offended, at least for the sake of good TV, and in turn creates controversy to piss off the people who hate-watch him. It’s a vicious circle, indeed, and this week he’s found his typical ire in the familiar (Obama) and the unexpected (Beyoncé). … Read More

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast Members to Sit Down with Fox News

What better place to defend oneself against charges of intolerance, right? Though Phil himself won’t be on Fox’s “All-American New… Read More

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‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Had an FBI File, and It’s Kind of Hilarious

Tomorrow night, NBC will present the second of its annual holiday season airings of It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra’s 1947 story of guardian angels, small-town power struggles, and holiday suicide attempts. The film also ran last Friday night, and the following day, Phillipe Theophanidis put together a fascinating look at the film’s FBI file over at the excellent Aphelis blog. Yes, It’s a Wonderful Life had an FBI file. Would you be surprised to learn that Ayn Rand was involved? … Read More

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