50 Excellent International Pop Songs From the 1960s

The documentary Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock ‘n’ Roll debuted in theaters Wednesday, exploring the country’s rich music tradition that emerged concurrently with a period of strife. Influenced by Western and European rock and pop during the 1960s, Cambodian musicians combined traditional sounds with modern beats. “But as Cambodian society — young creative musicians in particular — embraced Western culture and flourished under its influence, the rest of the country was rapidly moving to war,” explain the documentarians. “The film is a celebration of the incredible music that came from Cambodia and explores how important it is to Cambodian society both past and present.” Inspired by the unique sounds of Cambodia, we took a trip through the international pop scene of the ‘60s in all its forms — from the American rock-inspired bands that imitated the Beatles to the yé-yé girls of… Read More

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France May Pass Bill Banning “Excessively Thin” Fashion Models and Jailing Those Who Hire Them

Reuters reports that France might be on its way toward passing legislation like that’s already been enacted in Italy, Spain and… Read More

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Understanding ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in the Context of French Society: A Reading List

Now that the wave of American media thinkpieces about French affairs and the shocking Charlie Hebdo massacre has begun to abate, we’re starting to move beyond the immediate urge to fit the tragedy into our own simplistic narratives (“the cartoonists were heroes” vs. “the cartoonists were racists,” etc.). … Read More

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Brigitte Bardot’s Most Iconic Music and Film Fashion Moments

French sex symbol, singer, and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot celebrates her 80th birthday today. The blonde bombshell actress—who once became the official face of France’s national emblem in 1969, Marianne—is known for her effortless style. Bardot retreated from the spotlight more than 40 years ago, but thankfully we have her music and film projects to pour over for style tips. Here are ten of Bardot’s most iconic fashion moments. … Read More

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French Nightclubs Photographed During the Day

As anyone who has frequented a nightclub can attest to, it’s a whole different world when the lights come on. Photographer Francois Prost, whose work we discovered on Fubiz, has captured that phenomenon — but from the outside. Since 2011, Prost has been documenting the move these nighttime establishments are making from the city to the outskirts of France and Belgium. He photographs the startling transformation various suburban French discotheques undergo in the daytime. Gone are the dark, neon-lit dance palaces that seem to thrum to the beat. Instead, we see the worn walls of the nightclubs. Their garish signs stand out against vast fields and industrial parks, with grubby lots and garbage-filled corners. The images evoke that hazy, surreal feeling one might have when leaving the club after a long night of dancing, stepping into the blinding light. … Read More

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Clever French Literacy Campaign Will Make You Look Twice at Ads

French ad agency DDB Paris recently won a Yellow Pencil (one of the highest awards given by the UK’s Designers and Art Directors Club) for a literacy campaign that cleverly transforms common advertisements into emblems of illiteracy awareness. The ads, which we found translated into English over at the Huffington Post, even fooled us (and we are relatively literate, we assure you) for a moment — that’s how attuned our eyes and brains are to traditional advertising cues. We just glossed right over that huge “Unfortunately.” Check out the award-winning campaign after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments. … Read More

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Gorgeous Pharmaceutical Ads from 1930s France

Who knew an advertisement for a urinary vaccine could ever be described as stunning? Spotted by the always fantastic 50 Watts, this collection of vintage ads from 1930s was scanned from the pages of Ridendo, a medical and humor magazine distributed to French physicians. Modern pharmaceutical companies should take note; we find these beauties a lot more eye-catching than most of the drug ads that we see today — not to mention persuasive. Click through to check out a few of our favorites from his stash, but don’t blame us when you’re suddenly craving a Serenol. … Read More

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Gorgeous, Magical Photos of the City of Versailles

If you had asked us earlier this week, we might have told you that there was no way for the French city of Versailles to get any more beautiful. After all, Louis XIV didn’t call himself the Sun King because he thought he shouldn’t live like a god, and the countryside was no slouch to begin with. But Jean-Francois Rauzier’s magical manipulated “hyperphotos”, which we spotted over at Faith is Torment, might just have us eating our words — each one shows a beautiful element of the city folded in on itself in multitudes, creating complex wonderlands that seem perfectly encapsulated and infinite all at once. Click through to check out Rauzier’s Versailles Ville series, and then be sure to head over to his  website to see zoomable versions of the photos, not to mention more of his great work. … Read More

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