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The Weirdest Vintage ‘SNL’ Musical Performances

Contemporary Saturday Night Live doesn’t always have its finger on the pulse the way it should. It’s done a few things wrong, like the ongoing race debacle that creators tried to make right with the recent hiring of more diverse cast members. SNL also isn’t nearly as edgy as it used to be, during the days of Eddie Murphy and John Belushi. But Studio 8H has, at least, always featured a wide variety of musical guests — some stranger than others. Dangerous Minds dug up a video of hardcore band Fear playing the SNL stage in 1981. Inspired by Lee Ving and company’s wild performance, we rounded up some other weird vintage musical… Read More

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20 Dad-Rock Albums You Should Learn to Love

Dad-rock (n.): 1. (lit.) music played by dads; 2. music made by old white dudes that somehow always ends up on the car stereo and/or being played on the hi-fi at various school friends’ houses. Both these definitions probably leave you with the impression that it’s something to avoid, and while this is often true, it’s not always the case. Apropos of a recent Flavorwire office discussion about modern-day dad-rock, here’s a list of 20 AOR staples that are actually, y’know, good, starting in the golden age of dad-rock (i.e., the ’60s) and stretching through to the present… Read More

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Frank Zappa’s All-Time Funniest Songs

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the death of one of the most spectacular talents to grace the world of music in the 20th century: the one and only Frank Zappa. Still, for all that Zappa’s talents for writing and performing were without peer, perhaps the most memorable thing about him was his inimitable sense of humor — his songs were often as laugh-out-loud funny as they were musically intimidating, a distinctive combination that made listening to his records a strange and wonderful experience. As such, celebrating the great man’s funniest songs seems an appropriate way to pay tribute to his legacy — so here’s our choices for the funniest of the lot. … Read More

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The 20 All-Time Best Lyrics About Sex

Last week, we ran a feature on some of the most ridiculous and cringe-inducing lyrics about sex that pop music has given us over the years. A couple of commenters asked whether we’d be running a similar feature about good lyrics on the same subject, and the answer is “yes, definitely,” and in the pursuit of egalitarianism, we have indeed gathered a list of some of our favorite lyrics about… Read More

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10 Songs to Soundtrack the Federal Government Shutdown

Well, because a bunch of allegedly grown adults are having a pissing match in Washington, we are officially living through the first federal government shutdown since… well, the last time a Republican-controlled House threw its toys out of the stroller, back in 1995. Some 800,000 federal workers are officially stuck at home without pay, and the entire world is looking at the US and wondering what the actual fuck is going on. But rejoice! Because if nothing else, we’ve got an official soundtrack for you. Here are ten songs to play on repeat until this whole silly business gets resolved. … Read More

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20 of the Flat-Out Funniest Songs in Rock ‘n’ Roll

In an attempt to save you (not to mention ourselves) from the general Monday-morning awfulness that tends to follow a lovely spring weekend, Flavorwire has compiled a playlist of indie/rock/generally guitar-based songs that are genuinely funny. These are 20 of the flat-out wittiest and most amusing songs we know — and we guarantee that at least one of them will make you chuckle. (Note: we’re discounting actual comedy songs here, so no Lonely Island/Flight of the Conchords/etc.) Keep the hilarity going by adding to our list in the comments. … Read More

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A Selection of the Flat-Out Dirtiest Songs in the History of Music

The good folk at Dangerous Minds are great at unearthing amazing YouTube rarities, and they outdid themselves last week with a 1971 performance by Ike and Tina Turner, which goes down in history as one of the most subtly filthy live performances we’ve ever seen — it’s basically one long allusion to oral sex, with Tina spending most of her time doing very, very suggestive things to the microphone, and while Ike’s ophidian glare still gives us the creeps, he does make some glorious slurping noises into his own mic. The crowd clearly knows exactly what’s going on, sniggering throughout, and the whole thing’s a testament to just how filthy music could be, even in an era that was still comparatively conservative. Anyway, the spectacle got us thinking about our favorite dirty songs, the best of which we have shared after the jump. Don’t play these while your boss is around. Obviously. … Read More

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The Craziest Advice From Famous People

This week, we stumbled across this amazing video of William S. Burroughs doling out some highly questionable advice to young people. As you might have noticed, we’re pretty big fans of collating advice from cultural icons here at Flavorwire — but the advice those cultural icons give isn’t always totally sound (or maybe it is, we don’t judge). After the jump, we’ve put together a collection of some of the craziest advice from famous people. Whether you listen or not is up to you. … Read More

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Missy Elliott Smith Meets Hillbilly Corgan: Hilarious Musician Mash-up Drawings

You may have seen an amusing drawing entitled “Beach Boyz N the Hood” doing the rounds of late. It’s the work of artist Justin Hager, who makes art depicting amusing imaginary pop cultural intersections. We came across a selection of his work at The Daily Dot, and giggled our way through the rest of Hager’s Tumblr in search of his best work. Check out a selection of our favorites after the jump — we may not know much about art, but we know what we like, and all that. (OK, we do actually know a bit about art, but the point is, these are hilarious.) … Read More

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Fascinatingly Bizarre Radio Ads for ’60s and ’70 Bands

We were fascinated to see yesterday afternoon that Dangerous Minds’ latest YouTube discovery was… a vintage radio ad for The Velvet Underground. Quite apart from the fact that the ad in question is weird as hell, we were amazed by the simple existence of such a promo for a Velvet Underground album, and the whole thing got us thinking: If Lou Reed et al were getting plugged on radio back in the day, surely there must have been other, similarly unexpected slots? Sure enough, looking for radio ads for ’60s and ’70s bands turns out to be one hell of an awesome YouTube rabbit hole. Record companies shelled out to promote bands you’d never, ever expect, and there’s a certain bizarre charm to the resultant commercials — especially when it’s clear that whoever wrote the ads didn’t know what on earth to make of the band in question. We’ve shared a selection of the best! … Read More

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