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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Billie Joe Armstrong would like for “that kid in Twilight,” aka Robert Pattinson, to star in the upcoming film adaptation of Green Day’s Broadway musical, American Idiot. “He’s a good actor,” he told Perez Hilton. “There’s still more to come with that kid.” Right. We’re sure that his rabid teenage girl fan-base has nothing… Read More

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The Rockstars Who Changed Our Closets

Last week came up a list of some of their favorite female rockstar fashion muses, which got us thinking about our all-time favorite males. Though purists would say Buddy Holly, with his much imitated horn-rimmed glasses and nice-guy cardigans, was one of the first recognizably chic and marketable rock stars, it wasn’t really until the invention of MTV in the ’80s that viewers began to identify with the “rock star aesthetic” and become tastemakers… Read More

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5 Celeb Twitter Accounts that Must Be Deleted

It’s embarrassing when you work in new media and you’re having drinks with friends who aren’t and they ask you to explain why anyone would be on Twitter and you can’t. You fumble for a good analogy (“You know how much you love updating your status on Facebook? Well…”), but nothing good comes to mind, and so you divert them with tales of random famous people who are using to site to ridiculous means. Phew.

Which leads in nicely to the list we’ve compiled after the jump. Unlike that fake (and totally not funny) Tina Fey account or the creepier (but relatively harmless) trend of fictional characters tweeting about their lives, these five celebrities are using Twitter for very real evil — be it self-harm or awkward discomfort that they’re inflicting on the masses. Add any virtual offenders we’ve missed in the comments. … Read More

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