Fred Tomaselli

Ecstasy in Pop Culture: A Highly Subjective Timeline

Remember back in the late ’90s, when people were panicking over the possibility that MDMA was poking holes in everyone’s brain and making a whole generation of teenagers stupid? Well, your ability to recall that moment in time is a further testament to the value of a new study that found users “showed no signs of cognitive impairment attributable to drug use: ecstasy use did not decrease mental ability.” There is some fine print, and it’s not like ecstasy doesn’t have other risks or side effects, but it’s also a blow against drug-related hysteria. With that in mind, now seems like a great time to relive some of ecstasy’s greatest — and silliest — pop culture moments. … Read More

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Fred Tomaselli’s NYT Drawings Highlight Global Issues

A practitioner of psychedelic dreams, artist Fred Tomaselli turns mindscapes into visual landscapes. Layering print media, marijuana leaves, pills, and paint under layers of resin, Tomaselli constructs networks of awe-inspiring elements that come together to form a transcendental vision of parts of the universe. Fascinated by youthful experiences, spiritual allegories, and current events, Tomaselli takes on big and small issues, not ruled by size. … Read More

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Demons, Yarns & Tales: Tapestries by Contemporary Artists

A means of artistic production that has fallen by the wayside because of cost and conservationist concerns, tapestry is a historical medium that yields rich results. Every now and then, someone invests the time and money to commission artists to reinvent this age-old art form, but few have approached it on the ambitious scale of Banners of Persuasion, a London-based art organization that recently charged 15 contemporary artists with turning their best imagery into woven works of art. Previously previewed in London and Miami, a selection of these exquisite editions is now on view at James Cohan Gallery in New… Read More

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Beyond the Drugs: Exploring the Work of Artist Fred Tomaselli

Fred Tomaselli may be best known for amassing and using copious amounts of pills and herbs in his paintings. But the Brooklyn-based artist is a collector at heart — acquiring, archiving, and assembling not only pharmaceuticals but also images of flowers, feathers, anatomical illustrations, and other ephemera. In his classically beautiful and psychedelic paintings he painstakingly rearranges his objects. From afar, individual items are barely distinguishable, but up close, the details are… Read More

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It’s Electric: Reading That is Bad for You

Launched in early June, Electric Literature is a bi-monthly short story anthology already making ripples in the industry for its unique approach to publishing, both in production and compensation. The journal is available in numerous platforms; whether your cup of tea is the Kindle, an iPhone, Amazon, or a bricks-and-mortar independent bookstore, Electric Literature is cheap and accessible. Each issue contains five stories; for each contribution, the author is paid $1000. (Shocking, we know. How do they do that? Read on,… Read More

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