Frida Kahlo

Predicting the Future and Finding the Past on Wikipedia: Links You Need to See

Ten years ago, you might have imagined that in the future, we’d have flying cars or hover boards — instead of selfie sticks and a panoply of other selfie-enabling devices. If this disparity between projected future and actual future continues to baffle you, take a look at this piece examining the fact that science is just very bad — generally — at predicting the future. On the bright side, this means that perhaps we can avoid any Ex Machina-type situations. Keep moving ahead into the future with this piece on how digital storytelling is reviving the ancient practice of gossip. … Read More

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50 Great Books About 50 Inspiring Women

There’s never a bad time to read about historically badass ladies, but since March is Women’s History Month, now is a particularly perfect moment to bust out your library card and take in some stories of women who’ve changed art, culture, and history as we know it. Here you’ll find 50 great biographies and autobiographies of famous, fascinating, and inspiring women, from Frida Kahlo to Mina Loy to Marie… Read More

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Illustrater James Gulliver Hancock Collects Famous Artists’ “Detritus” in Single Portraits

Taking a break from his ambitious goal of sketching every building in New York City’s five boroughs — homes to the world’s most sophisticated vinyl-sided façades — Brooklyn-based illustrator James Gulliver Hancock has captured the essence of famous artists through his topographic portraiture of quirks and curious tidbits. In his illustrations, featured on Hyperallergic and soon to be published by Chronicle Books, we see these Artists, Writers, Thinkers and Dreamers turned inside out, featured next to the jumble of events, belongings, ailments, and idiosyncrasies that, alongside their art, helped solidify their icon status. From da Vinci’s penchant for grave-digging to Frida Kahlo’s affair with Trotsky to Yoko Ono’s purchase of Dali’s mustache hair, Hancock’s illustrations attempt to join the scattered puzzle pieces of identity.  … Read More

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The Last Words of 20 Cultural Icons

Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney, who died last week at the age of 74, was laid to rest in Dublin yesterday. During the memorial, his son reveled that his father’s last words were sent in a text message he wrote to his wife just minutes before he passed away: “Noli timere” – Latin for “don’t be afraid.” In a world full of second chances, you can only utter your final words once. Here’s how a selection of cultural icons bid farewell to this… Read More

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11 Lovely Vintage Photos of Famous Artist Couples

Following the wedding season-fueled momentum of seeing famous authors and famous musicians in love, it’s time to tap into the equally rich vein of young, occasionally happy artist couples. In some cases, the photos below are as memorable and picturesque as the art these duos made. Art nerd couples, in particular, should take note; your search for the perfect Halloween costume may be over. … Read More

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Famous Artists Photographed With Their Cats

Tracey Emin’s recent interview with the Daily Mail revealed that the divisive artist is currently working on sculptures of her cat — and that’s not a euphemism. “He’s a good little soul to have around. He stops me from feeling alone,” she said of her beloved pet, Docket. Artists have often looked to their feline friends for inspiration throughout history. The mewing muses were the gods of their own religion in ancient Egypt, and not much has changed since then. Everyone knows cats own the Internet (sorry, dogs). Click through to meet the kitten companions that have melted the hearts of famous… Read More

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Incredible Miniature Paintings of Pop Culture Icons on Matchbooks

Bigger isn’t always better. Case in point: the miniscule-but-adorable work of Joseph Martinez, which we recently spotted over at Design Taxi. The Denver-based artist paints tiny portraits of pop culture icons — everyone from Darth Vader to Frida Kahlo — on appropriately tiny canvases: matchbooks in varying stages of use. After the jump, check out a few of our favorites from the series, and then be sure to head on over to Martinez’s website to see much more of his great work. … Read More

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Personal Letters From Great Artists to Their Friends and Family

Here at Flavorpill, we’re great fans of artistic ephemera, endlessly fascinated by everything from the journals of creative geniuses to postcards from famous authors. After all, once you’re famous, there’s just no way to keep your private papers out of the hands of the curious masses — not that we’re complaining: sometimes, the best way to learn about someone is to see the way they correspond to those closest to them. To that end, we’ve collected a few beautiful letters from great artists to their friends and family, each one as visually evocative as you’d expect. Take a look after the jump, and if we’ve missed a stellar letter, send it our way in the comments! … Read More

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Playful Fingerprint Portraits of Pop Culture Icons

Dito Von Tease is an Italian artist who uncovers famous features hidden within the human finger. His funny fingerprint portraits, which caught our eye on My Modern Met, reveal the digit-ized version of pop culture icons and other celebs. Each finger has its own costume, backdrop, and expression — a playful, minimalist nod to the famed figures. The artist’s name “Dito” translates to “finger” in Italian. Although fingerprints are used to identify us, Von Tease is an elusive artist who chooses to remain anonymous, which adds to the quirkiness of his creations. See more in our gallery after the jump. … Read More

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Vintage Photos of Pop Culture Icons in Drag

Cross-dressing, whether for pleasure or for mischief (or for plays or films), is no new phenomenon. Every little child experiments with putting on the opposite gender’s designated garb, all on-stage women in Elizabethan theatre were played by men, and many people of both sexes have dressed in drag for a variety of reasons, from personal to professional. So why should our pop culture icons be any different? Click through to join in our celebration of drag in all its forms, and see some of our favorite musicians, artists and writers (though by no means a complete selection — we couldn’t find any photos of J. Edgar Hoover) indulging in a little cross-dressing from as far back as… Read More

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