Friday Night Lights

‘Lone Survivor’ Revisits the ‘Friday Night Lights’ Style, but Borders on Propaganda

Lone Survivor, the new Peter Berg war movie that is out in exceptionally limited release today and will go wide later in January, is based on a true story. The story in question is of a failed military operation, in which four Navy SEALs were sent out into the wilds of Afghanistan to scout an assassination target. But almost as soon as they get out there, the four soldiers in question — played by Taylor Kitsch, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, and Emile Hirsch — run into trouble. Wayward shepherds stumble upon them, and within a very short timeframe they find themselves in a shootout. Only one — and here I’m not spoiling, just look at the title — makes it out alive. … Read More

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10 TV Shows Better Than the Books They Were Based On

So if you’re celebrating your birthday today, you share it with Charlaine Harris, she who gave the world the insanely successful Sookie Stackhouse novels and thus, indirectly, also the joys of True Blood. As you’ve probably noted if you read Flavorwire at all regularly, we’re borderline obsessed with True Blood, and its success got us thinking of the slew of TV shows based on books that have emerged in the last few years — and, in particular, those that have defied the old adage that the book is always better. We’ve collected a bunch of shows that we reckon have transcended their literary origins — can you think of any other shows that are better than the books they’re based on? (And before you go all crazy in the comments, a disclaimer: we said “better.” We’re not necessarily claiming the books in question are bad — although some most definitely are — just that the TV series they spawned was/is better. OK? Carry on.) … Read More

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‘Friday Night Lights’ Creator Peter Berg Developing Greek Gods Drama for Fox

If you had to guess what Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg’s next TV project would be, would you ever in a million years stumble upon the description, “Bourne by way of 300“? Probably not, but remember that Berg is also the guy who directed Battleship and you’ll realize that (even if we’d prefer he… Read More

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Tami Taylor Is Not OK With Romney Ripping Off ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Y’all

She may look sweet as all-American apple pie, but Friday Night Lights fans know you don’t mess with Tami Taylor. So, although Mitt Romney has been ignoring FNL creator Peter Berg’s request that he stop using the show’s “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” slogan in his presidential campaign, we sure hope he… Read More

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What Is Mitt Romney Even Getting Out of 'Friday Night Lights'?

Last week, Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg wrote Mitt Romney a letter asking him to stop using the show’s beloved slogan, “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose,” in his campaign. He rightly pointed out that the candidate’s values were at odds with FNL’s and, hilariously, compared Romney to “Buddy Garrity — who… Read More

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'Friday Night Lights' Creator Tells Romney to Stop Using His Show's Slogan

“Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.” Just reading those words is enough to give us chills. We picture Coach Taylor in the the Dillon Panthers’ locker room, delivering a heartfelt speech that will inspire his team to come back from behind and win the big game. So we understand why Mitt Romney, a self-proclaimed fan… Read More

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TV’s Greatest High School Nerd Transformations

With the recent Bunheads finale, the fast-approaching end of Awkward’s second season, and a promising Inbetweeners reboot, we confess we’ve gotten caught up in a lot of teen angst these past few weeks. So since we’re in the state of mind, we decided to look at some of the great high school series in television history and their nerd spawn. Like the teenage protagonists of the aforementioned shows, these characters all started out uncool, insecure, and/or sartorially challenged. And then of course, they grew up. You can click through for some before and after shots we dug up, and hope you’ll let us know about any great geek transformations we might have missed. And now, we’ll be making our way back to the couch for more adolescent love triangles, camera phone farce, and woefully instructive tales of sex.  … Read More

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25 Behind-the-Scenes TV Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind

Last week, we took a look at some of Hollywood’s most mind-blowing behind-the-scenes movie photos, and that post left us wondering whether those images might have equally impressive TV equivalents. Good news: they do. Despite the fact that film budgets tend to run higher than their small-screen counterparts, television has plenty of its own magic that’s ripe for elucidating (or, you know, ruining). After the jump, we collect 25 behind-the-scenes TV photos that are sure to change how you see your favorite shows. Find out how Breaking Bad gets its famously crazy point-of-view shots, witness True Blood vampires on set in broad daylight, learn what those Mad Men are really smoking, peek into the not-so-intimate bedroom of Friday Night Lights’ Mr. and Mrs. Coach, and watch living characters hang out with dead ones (or just their pint-size doppelgängers) in our gallery. … Read More

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