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The Year in Memorable Musical Controversies

2012 has been a crazy year in many ways, and the music industry hasn’t exactly been immune to its air of pervading insanity. (In fairness, the music industry is rarely immune to any sort of insanity, but still, humor us here.) This year has given us a particularly rich vein of memorable controversies, conflicts, and contretemps, and as part of our ongoing end-of-year wrap-up, we’re looking back at some of the most significant. Some of these are hilarious, some of them depressing, some of them hilariously depressing, and some just plain old bewildering — but from the resurrection of dead rappers through homeless people functioning as wifi hotspots to a record company suing an entire country, all of them have been worth remembering. … Read More

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10 of the Year’s Most Unfairly Overlooked Albums

It’s the middle of the year, which means it’s time for the music industry’s first round of 2012 listomania — and lo, the first “best of 2012 so far” roundups have already begun to crop up across the Internet. It’s been pleasing to see that some of our favorite albums have had plenty of love on such lists — we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you any more about the likes of Lower Dens, Chromatics, Liars, Death Grips, Leonard Cohen or, of course, Grimes, who may well actually rule the entire world by the end of this year. But there are others that we haven’t been seeing mentioned a whole lot, and thus we figured we’d repeat the feature we did at about this time last year, focusing on albums that everyone seems to have overlooked so far in 2012. We suggest you catch up ASAP, as December’s coming sooner than you think. … Read More

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The Bands Responsible for Music’s Most Hilarious Song Titles

We are excited about the arrival of the new Future of the Left record, which is out this week and — despite what you might read elsewhere — is pretty great and thoroughly worth hearing. Among other things, it includes a song called “Robocop 4 — Fuck Off Robocop,” which goes straight into the pantheon of Great Song Titles of Our Time. It’ll find a home there amongst several other Falkous compositions — he’s been responsible for some killers over the years, both with Future of the Left and their predecessors mclusky. We do love the art of a good song title, and we’ve always been partial to bands who can adorn their songs with names that make us giggle, so here’s a selection of some of our other favorites. What are yours? … Read More

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5 Albums to Stream for Free This Week: Fiona Apple, Future of the Left

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to gulp down gallons of coffee and also time for another edition of our regular start-of-the-week stream-a-thon, wherein we scour the Internet for worthy and/or noteworthy albums that are streaming this week at absolutely no cost. Today there’s the arrival of the new Fiona Apple record, which may well be all you need to head straight for the jump and get listening. If not, however, there’s also the new album by Future of the Left, which (despite what Pitchfork might say) is quality, along with beautiful Monday melancholia from Emily Jane White, SpaceGhostPurrp’s 4AD debut, and Neneh Cherry’s collaboration with Swedish jazz types The Thing. Click through and get listening. … Read More

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10 Albums You Need to Hear in June

Summer is here, and June is shaping up as a bumper month for album releases. As ever, we’ve pored over release schedules and reviewed our own personal wish list and come up with a list of the ten records we reckon will be worth hearing (and hopefully worth repeated listening) over the coming weeks. They include everything from cerebral 4AD-approved hip hop to the return of Patti Smith, along with something that we’d really, really like for our birthday. What’s on your shopping list this month? Let us know in the comments. … Read More

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10 Albums You Need to Hear in November

November is the cruelest month, breeding Nickelback albums out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire for something good to listen to, stirring dull releases with autumn snow. But never fear, because we’ve negotiated the waste land of the November release schedule, avoiding Bieber Christmas records and a slew of holiday season reissues to bring you 10 new albums that you really should be listening to over the next four weeks or so. You’re more than welcome. … Read More

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