Everything We Know About ‘Fargo’ Season 2 So Far

FX’s Fargo was perhaps the most surprising debut of 2014, and one of the best shows of the TV season. It took a questionable premise — a television adaptation of the Coen Brothers’ film — and turned it into a completely new story filled with rich characters, beautiful cinematography, and nail-biting tension. The show, which will vie for an Emmy as a miniseries, was recently renewed for a ten-episode second season. At the TCA Press Tour, Fargo creator Noah Hawley revealed plenty of details about Season 2, which is set to air in 2015. Here is everything we know so far.  … Read More

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FX Renews ‘Fargo’ and ‘Louie’

At the TCA Press Tour, which is somehow still going on, FX announced that it has renewed two fan-favorite series. Noah… Read More

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FX’s ‘Married’ and ‘You’re the Worst’ Hilariously Demolish Romantic Comedy Conventions

Last fall, I found myself lamenting, with other TV obsessives, how “nice” sitcoms had gotten. These conversations usually touched on the optimism of Parks and Recreation (a show I love but sometimes find overwhelming) or the glut of new family sitcoms — The Goldbergs, The Michael J. Fox Show, Trophy Wife, Sean Saves The World — about people who love each other dearly, bicker a bit, and hug at the end. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (I adored Trophy Wife); when done well, like The Middle, these shows can be sweet and funny. It’s likely that the sheer volume of similar shows is what made us so cynical — and that’s also what makes FX’s two new sitcoms, Married and You’re the Worst, so appealing. … Read More

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FX’s ‘The Strain’ Uses New Vampires to Tell Old, Tired Stories

I suppose I should say this upfront: vampires are not for me. I’m not against them — there are a handful of vampire movies (The Lost BoysNosferatu) and books (er, the Bunnicula series) that I do enjoy — but I generally don’t seek out vampire narratives. Still, I was excited for The Strain, to see how Guillermo del Toro’s creative brilliance translates to the small screen and because FX is a network that I find increasingly interesting. But The Strain isn’t interesting. The vampires are different from the creatures we know, the story is packed, and there is an emphasis on epidemiology and history throughout. But at its core, The Strain just bored me. … Read More

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FX Orders ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’ to Series

FX ordered 10 episodes of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll which reunites the network with Denis Leary, who is both the creator and the star. The… Read More

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FX’s ‘Tyrant’ Skirts Controversy by Saying Nothing At All

As soon as the series was announced, Tyrant seemed doomed to be surrounded by controversy. The Homeland-like drama (from Homeland creator Howard Gordon) takes place in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Abbudin. The intentional non-specificity is to ensure that Tyrant isn’t associated with one particular country; as a result, it’s unfortunately a stand-in for just about every country in the region, and concerns have already been raised about the show’s portrayal of its Muslim characters. It doesn’t help that Gordon has already been slammed for Islamophobia or that Tyrant cast a British actor in the lead. … Read More

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‘Fargo’ Season 1 Finale Recap: “Morton’s Fork”

Here’s the thing about a miniseries, or an event series, or whatever we’re calling it today: There is a limited time to tell a story but there is also a set end date. From the beginning, you know exactly how many episodes you have to to craft this story from start to finish. Fargo had 10 episodes to tell a full story and it did — in fact, it told multiple stories, some more complete than others — and in the finale, the only question is: Did it stick the landing? … Read More

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‘Louie’ Season 4 Raised Too Many Questions It Couldn’t Answer

In many ways, Season 4 of Louie felt like a call and response between Louis C.K. and the Internet. The season focused heavily on Louie’s interactions with women: the gorgeous model he accidentally hits in the face, the fat woman who calls him out on his shit, the Hungarian woman that he literally can’t communicate with — what an ideal relationship for Louie! — and, of course, the brassy Pamela. Each one of these episodes or “relationships” (and even the strange, pot-fueled “In The Woods”) was practically begging for Internet discussion, demanding thinkpieces, and teasing episodic recaps. Louis C.K. spent Season 4 giving us essay prompts but never provided the answers. … Read More

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‘Fargo’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: “A Fox, A Rabbit, And A Cabbage”

In the riving crossing puzzle that this episode is titled after, a farmer must figure out how to transport a fox, rabbit, and cabbage (or an equivalent set of three) across a river if the boat can only hold one item at a time and certain duos can’t be left alone (the fox would eat the rabbit,… Read More

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‘Fargo’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: “The Heap”

“You deserve it, Lester. All good things, you deserve.” So says Kitty, Lester’s sister-in-law, after he tells her that he replaced the washer and dryer. The two are meeting over tea after last week’s events where Lester framed her husband for murder (though it seems Kitty is more upset by the idea of Chaz cheating on her than she is by the idea of Chaz murdering someone). Lester doesn’t deserve anything good but he still gets loads of good things in this episode and it’s plenty infuriating to watch. … Read More

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