The Worst Special Effects Makeup in Cinema

Bless the Wachowskis and their low-budget Bound, but just say no to the duck lips and terrible prosthetic ears in the newly released Jupiter Ascending, starring Channing Tatum in some of the dumbest special effects makeup we’ve seen in a while. But Tatum is not alone. Hollywood is full of missteps when it comes to makeup on actors — from huge honkers, to old-age transformations, and beyond. Here are ten of the worst offenders in film. Feel free to continue the list with your own picks, below. … Read More

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In ‘The Americans’ Season 3, the Real War Is Over a Young Girl’s Beliefs

The greatest asset of FX’s The Americans is that it has always been less of a spy thriller and more of a compelling family drama. This isn’t to take away from the bloody but brilliant aspects of the inherently engaging story of two KGB agents posing as a married couple during the Cold War. Rather, it’s to praise how deftly this series balances the two vastly different narratives — espionage and family — and rarely misses a connection between them. What’s more, it makes the two narratives seem like two sides of the same coin instead of disparate stories. Season 1 brought together the job and the marriage, Season 2 developed the family as a whole, and now Season 3 has its sights set on indoctrinating 14-year-old Paige Jennings. … Read More

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‘Justified’ Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: “Fate’s Right Hand”

Fate is mentioned, repeatedly, in this opener for the final season of Justified. With the remnants of the subpar Season 5’s villains out of town or in the grave, the show putting the chess pieces in their place for what already feels like a lively and sharp final season. We’ve hit the end, Harlan’s dying, fate is showing its hand, but whether or not that will have any effect on the battle between US Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant, still hot) and brilliant criminal Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins, still charismatic) remains to be seen. … Read More

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‘Justified’s’ Final Season Is Building to a Boyd and Raylan Showdown

How to describe Justified, the Elmore Leonard-inspired drama that starts its sixth and final season tonight? Taking a character from Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole,” it’s as satisfactory as a good steak, the sort of beautifully basic show that’s never quite gotten the buzz it deserved in the era of the “antihero,” and yet it probably would’ve won a million Emmys by now if it aired in 1996, when our definition of greatness was a David E. Kelly series. … Read More

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Your Weekly TV News Roundup: ‘Smash’ Musical Heads to Broadway, ‘Girls’ Casts Shoshanna’s Parents

The television world moves so fast that by the time you learn of a show’s premiere, it could already be canceled. It’s hard to keep track of the constant stream of television news, so Flavorwire is here to provide a weekly roundup of the most exciting — and baffling — casting and development updates. This week: Sarah Silverman’s HBO pilot, Hulu gets the rights for FX/FXX shows, and Girls casts Shoshanna’s parents. … Read More

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Eight-Episode First Season of ‘Taboo,’ Tom Hardy, Ridley Scott and Steven Knight’s 1800’s Adventure Drama, Coming to FX

The names I’m about to drop might — at least if you’re a fan of well-made action-drama — likewise send… Read More

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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Premiere Recap: “Monsters Among Us”

The year is 1952. The town is Jupiter, Florida. The intro credits are reminiscent of The Brothers Quay. And this is Ryan Murphy’s twisted vision of Norman Rockwell’s idealized America. … Read More

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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show': More Campy, Wildly Uneven Fun From Ryan Murphy

By now, as we enter the fourth installation of the American Horror Story franchise, everything Ryan Murphy puts on the screen has become the norm. With any show, there’s an understandable struggle to keep storylines feeling new from season to season, but Murphy’s unique twists and memorable characters add an extra level of difficulty. When you start off really weird, how do you keep getting weirder without it becoming desperate or laughable? For Murphy, the answer is: you get freaky — really, really freaky. … Read More

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Today in “You Do You, Ryan Murphy”: FX Orders ‘American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson’

The first rule of the Ryan Murphy universe is that there are no rules; the second is that nothing is… Read More

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“Characters Don’t Have to Be Likable”: A Conversation With ‘You’re the Worst’ Creator Stephen Falk

Throughout the course of its ten-episode first season, FX’s unconventional romantic comedy You’re the Worst has followed the strange, funny, and undeniably twisted relationship of two love-averse narcissists who reluctantly fall for each other while navigating the sketchy fringes of adulthood. With each episode surpassing the last, it became the summer’s best comedy by balancing an unwavering belief in love with its exploration of the more cynical side of romance. Flavorwire spoke to You’re the Worst showrunner Stephen Falk (Weeds, Orange Is the New Black) by phone about likable and unlikable characters, finding humor in serious topics, and what he learned from working with Jenji Kohan.  … Read More

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