Gabourey Sidibe

The Year’s Most Controversial Magazine Covers


For a year when the Death of Print Media meme was already old news, the dinosaurs of publishing managed to come up with more than their share of provocative content in 2010. (Hey, maybe it’s because they were fighting for their livelihoods.) From a bloody, naked threesome to questionable Photoshop practices to one of Afghanistan’s most wrenching war photos, we look back at the year’s ten most controversial magazine covers.
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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Thanks to a push from Kiefer Sutherland, FOX’s film and TV studios have finally agreed on a big-screen adaption of 24 which will take Jack Bauer to Europe. [via Variety]
2. Tonight will be the final installment of The Jay Leno Show with guests Ashton Kutcher and Gabourey Sidibe; Leno will return… Read More

New York Film Festival, Part 4: Mother and Precious


Let this correspondent temper the choral praise for Lee Daniels’ — ahem, Tyler Perry and Oprah’s — Precious. It’s certainly not a total letdown (not with lead performances as immediate and crackerjack as that), but it’s also not the Great Urban Hope that so many have purported it to be. Indeed, the subject matter pulverizes the proverbial envelope — with incest, rape, poverty, illiteracy, teen pregnancy, and child abuse all saddled on the obese, African-American heroine Precious — but each misery is strung up to be drip-dried until the melodrama’s last turn of screw. The best parts, alas, are probably in the… Read More