10 New Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, consumers were introduced to an assortment of new and exciting products, ranging from Razer Edge, the PC-gaming tablet and Best of Show winner, to Fitbit Flex, a cute, comfortable rubber bracelet that helps you track your fitness goals. But, while these are all great, there are a lot of new gadgets that seem more like necessities than, well, gadgets. Here are our top ten technological tools that we have no idea how we’ve lived without before now. … Read More

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Delicious Deep Fried Gadgets by Henry Hargreaves

What are Americans’ most notorious addictions? If you answered fast food and awesome gadgets, you’re right (we would also have accepted online shopping and Kim Kardashian, but that’s a whole other story). Enter Deep Fried Gadgets, a delicious and highly un-nutritious project from Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves, working in collaboration with food stylist Caitlin Levin, which we first spotted over at Design Boom. The title pretty much speaks for itself — Hargreaves deep fries electronics and then sets them out for consumption and photographs them. We think this project is a pretty effective (and hilarious) critique of consumerist culture, not to mention cool to look at. Click through to check out photos from the series, and then head over to Hargreaves’s website to browse through even more of his work. … Read More

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Here at Google, We’re Always Looking For New Ways to Help People Stalk You

Google Earth, or the Google application that allows people to stare at a satellite feed of your apartment building, has a new customized version for your iPhone that Salon is calling “stunning.”

The one part of their write up that seems strange to us: “…use the ‘My Location’ feature to jump right to where… Read More

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