Game of Thrones

If Viola Davis Has Things Her Way, She Will Kill Somebody on ‘Game of Thrones’

Viola Davis continues to be such a badass. Which, according to a recent interview with TV Guide (via Vulture),… Read More

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HBO Announces Premiere Dates for ‘Game of Thrones’ and More

This Sunday, HBO kicks off its winter season with the highly anticipated premieres of Girls and Togetherness but the network is wasting no time… Read More

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Flavorwire Staffers Weigh in on What Was Criminally Underrated in 2014

It’s tough adoring something that nobody else seems to want to get behind; it leads you to feel isolated in the golden fortress of your own  misunderstood tastes — worse, it can lead you to question, even turn against, your own flawless judgment. Of course, once you’ve done enough pontificating about a good show (or what have you) that nobody watches but must — once, finally, other people show interest in entering your shining castle of excellence — you’ll begin to feel crowded. “I knew it before it really became a thing,” you’ll think. “It’s kind of lost its edge.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; this post is but the first, pontificating step. Here’s everything you’re not watching or listening to or liking, but maybe should — everything Flavorwire thought was criminally underrated in 2014. Just know that if and when these things become popular, “we knew it before it really became a thing.” … Read More

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The 25 Best TV Characters of 2014

At this point, it’s become tradition to declare each new season a banner year for the Golden Age of Television, so by now that designation has become basically meaningless. Still, 2014 brought some truly wonderful TV programs. True Detective became the newest water-cooler show, we all fell in love with Broad City, and old favorites like Scandal and The Americans remained consistently thrilling. Most of all, though, these series gave us some of the greatest fictional characters to ever grace our television. From a fierce law professor to a serial killer to a woman in transition, here are the 25 best TV characters of… Read More

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Maisie Williams Will Star As Ellie In ‘The Last Of Us’ Film

Maisie Williams, who plays the underage badass Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, is the top pick to play Ellie… Read More

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All I Want for Christmas Is You: Links You Need To See

All right, let’s start with the best news ever: it is officially Christmastime. No one can argue that with the dawn of December come actually welcomed Christmas carols, enthusiastic holiday-themed front lawns, hot apple cider, copious weight gain, and–most importantly–Mariah Carey. … Read More

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HBO Tantalizes Fans with New ‘Game of Thrones’ Website and Teaser

It feels like there’s a decade between each season of Game of Thrones, but now we’re starting to see a trickle… Read More

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‘Game of Thrones’ to Be Featured in Discussion at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with its centuries-spanning collection of militaristic wares (among other things), and HBO’s Game of Thrones, with… Read More

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