A Practical Guide to Wacky Summer “Sports”

Presented by Naked Juice

It’s finally getting summery outdoors and just in time — Naked Juice’s Day in the Park is this Sunday, May 18, in five city parks across the country. There’s all kinds of crazy fun to be had, including a yoga class, tug-of-war, relay races, bubble soccer, and tons of prizes. To prep you for the big day, we’ve created a guide to the most important things (well, maybe the most fun things) about these silly summer sports. See you at the park! … Read More

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Stunning Masks Built from Board Game Pieces

Inspired by tribal artworks and primitive cultures, Swiss photographer Marie Rime created a series of stunning masks using commonplace board game pieces. The sculptural works are a colorful armor and hint at the strategies used in conflict between warring tribes. “The notion of game is being questioned,” the artist writes on her website. “I tried to express my fascination with the relationship between the players. I asked myself what the participants are looking for and whether they are trying to disturb, seduce or intimidate opponents.” See how chess pieces, checkers, Backgammon discs, pick-up sticks, playing cards, and other game elements are used in Rime’s works — which we first learned about on Fubiz — in our gallery. … Read More

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Oddly Elegant Photos of Old-School Kids’ Games Dipped in Monochromatic Paint

New Zealand-born artist and photographer Henry Hargreaves really seems to like dunking iconic items in strange substances — last year, we loved his Deep Fried Gadgets, and now we’re equally charmed by his Game Over! series, which we spotted over at Trendland. In his latest project, he strips classic childhood games of their bright colors and re-imagines them in monochrome, shifting the focus to their strange and often beautiful shapes. Check out some photos from the series after the jump, and then be sure to head on over to Hargreaves’s website to see more of his work. … Read More

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The New Google Maps Game Is Actually Kind of Addictive

After much ado, Google has finally unveiled their new 3-D playable labyrinth, Cube, a game that centers on the Google Maps function. We know, we know. A game about Google Maps? How fun could that be? Well, the answer is: pretty fun, at least if you like the classic version of labyrinth, where you guide a… Read More

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How to Have Fun Over the Holidays Without Leaving Home

It always feels like we’re pining for more free time during the holiday hustle, but often, when we’re faced with a few days at home to ourselves, we’re too spent to figure out how to enjoy them. Inspired by the release of the all-new Madden NFL 12 from our friends at EA Sports, we decided to spotlight some rewarding holiday activities you can enjoy in your newly discovered down time. Whether you’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving at home this year by choice or by consequence, we’ve come up with ten ways (Madden included) to keep you entertained — and none of them involve stepping foot out the front door. … Read More

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Marketplace Watch: The Top 10 Windows Phone Apps

If you get the feeling it won’t be long until everyone in the world has a smartphone, you’re not alone. The allure of an all-in-one device that makes calls, takes photos, accesses the web, plays music, and does pretty much anything else you can imagine is pretty hard to resist. And with the unveiling of the new HTC Radar™ 4G phone, our friends over at HTC are making it even harder. Featuring a sleek, polished-metal design and 4G speed, it uses the Windows Phone platform to offer innovative functions like Live Tiles for your updates, People Hub for your contacts, and Threads for your conversations. But that’s not all it offers: With the Windows Phone Marketplace at its disposal, it gives you access to thousands of awesome apps. While some of them — Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds — you don’t need us to tell you about, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorites that may not already be top of mind, so you can put them at the top of your list. … Read More

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Twitter Games: Failed Children’s Book Titles

Wouldn’t you know it: On the day we post an interview with Lizzie Skurnick about her about her favorite YA reads, over on Twitter they have a hashtag game brewing called Failed Children’s Book Titles (#failedchildrensbooktitles). Take a look at a few of out favorites (of the ones that were safe to reprint) below, and then give us your ideas for the best children’s-book-title-that-wasn’t in the comments. Or even better, send us a tweet @flavorpill.

SJGames Anne of Soylent Green Gables
atencio: You ARE My Mother (With a foreword by Maury Povich)

InterruptingDad: Charlotte’s Web of Lies

AllTurdReality: Green Eggs and Salmonella

jonathan_dunn: The Little Engine That Shot Liberty… Read More

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Are Board Games Based on Movies Ever a Good Idea?

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that most games that created as a promotional tie-in to movies inherently suck. Case in point: behold the Twilight Board Game*. The fact that such things exist is infuriating enough, but worse, they manipulate poor fans who are tricked by their love of a movie into buying a really crappy game. After the jump our list of the worst offenders in this particular category, along with the few, proud games who don’t shame their source… Read More

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