Gaspar Noé

Revisiting Gaspar Noé’s ‘Irréversible’ Amid TV’s Rape Wars


Last month, a Game of Thrones episode titled “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” ended with a scene that caused some controversy: Ramsay Bolton raped Sansa Stark on their wedding night, forcing Theon Greyjoy to watch. It was a painful moment, not because it was particularly graphic — after Ramsay ripped Sansa’s dress and pushed her onto the bed, the camera cut away to Theon’s contorted face — but because of what we already know about each character. Ramsay is a sadist, someone who delights in rape and torture and murder, a man who’s been getting away with atrocities for too long. And Theon’s betrayal of the Starks, in many senses, is what put Sansa in such a vulnerable position.
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25 Incredibly Tough Movies for Extreme Viewers


We’ve been talking a lot about Lars von Trier lately, prompted by the release of Nymphomaniac, and now Criterion Collection has given us one more reason to think about his work: their new special edition of his 1996 masterpiece Breaking the Waves. It’s a key entry in the von Trier filmography, its themes echoing throughout Nymphomaniac and Melancholia, but it takes something big like the Criterion release to warrant a revisit; Breaking the Waves is both a masterful movie and one that’s incredibly difficult to subject yourself to. We’ve looked previously at great books and important albums that are just plain hard to take; here’s a few movies that warrant the same kind of …Read More