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25 George Takei Quotes About LGBT Rights, Activism, and More

We’ve been anxious to set eyes on the new George Takei documentary, To Be Takei, ever since our own Jason Bailey reported good things from Sundance earlier this year. He wrote: “Director Jennifer M. Kroot’s film mostly aims simply to entertain (and it does so), hopscotching through Takei’s unusual life, complimenting it with his own commentary (often accompanied by his distinctive, throaty laugh), and documenting his relationship with [his husband] Brad.” The actor and activist has been an outspoken voice in the LGBT rights movement, lending his whip-smart sense of humor and wisdom to the running Internet commentary. To celebrate the release of To Be Takei, we’re looking back at some of the former Star Trek icon’s greatest quotes about activism, LGBT rights, and more. … Read More

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Watch LGBT Group’s New Morgan Freeman-Narrated Gay Marriage Ad

We were chuffed this morning to see the premiere — on Buzzfeed, no less — of a new pro-gay marriage ad funded by the Human Rights Campaign. The 30-second slot sets out the year’s achievements on the legalization of gay marriage and promises the fulfillment of “a mandate for full equality.” It’s full of portentous rhetoric — “America stands at the dawn of a new age,” indeed — and it’s narrated in suitably portentous tones by one Morgan Freeman. We’re impressed with Freeman for doing the voiceover, and also with the HRC’s choice of narrator — after all, who better to appeal to conservative Christian types than a man who actually is God? Click through to watch, and let us know what you think. … Read More

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Gay Characters in Comics

The world’s first all-gay superhero team fights a 50-foot lesbian, teams up with a group of deadly (pink!) ninjas, battles zombies, and tries to cope with the dramas of their own love lives in the award-nominated comic book series, Martin Eden’s Spandex. Titan Books’ new story hits shelves June 19, and the Brighton-based heroes have already won the hearts of many in the British indie comics scene.

Eden conceived of the super-powered team while working on his popular comic soap series, The O Men, aiming to make something more self-contained and more, well, gay. A glamorous transvestite, a powerful lesbian, and other rainbow-friendly characters dive into drama, action, and romance like no other superteam before them. “This comic has been a labour of love for me — it’s fun and experimental, and I’m really excited about taking the characters and the comic to a much wider audience,” Eden said.

Since DC Comics recently revealed the identity of one of its newest gay superheroes — Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern — we thought it was a prime time to ask Eden about his favorite gay comic heroes. We shared his picks past the break, including one of Eden’s characters who you can meet when Spandex: Fast and Hard publishes next week. Tell us about some of your favorite gay characters below. … Read More

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Celebrating the Cover of Next Week’s ‘New Yorker’

A couple of weeks back, we wrote about the American Society of Magazine Editors’ choices for their favorite magazine covers of 2011. While some of the design there was fascinating, we’re pretty sure that we’ve already seen our favorite cover of 2012: the cover of next Monday’s New Yorker, which commemorates Barack Obama’s… Read More

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New York’s First Same-Sex Couple Wed Today Just After Midnight

Today is the first day that same-sex marriage is officially legal in New York state. Accordingly, we can now celebrate our first legally married same-sex couple, Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd, who were married in Niagra Falls just after the 12th toll of their town bell. It was, impossibly, 12 years to the day since their… Read More

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Finally: New York Legalizes Gay Marriage!

Hooray! As most of you probably already know, last night New York State senators voted 33-29 to legalize gay marriage, and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law. New York is the sixth state to pass marriage equality legislation, and by far the most populous one to do so. “This vote today will send… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Jimmy Fallon’s popular Thank You Notes segment, a recurring Friday night homage to everything from his dad to hangovers, just landed him a two-book deal. The first Thank You Notes book will hit shelves May 23. [via TV Guide]

2. To be filed under things that we find hard to believe: James… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. After 17 years, Conan O’Brien is finally getting a new theme song. It’s an original composition, and he co-wrote it with his new band leader Jimmy Vivino. [via Vulture]
2. MTV’s newest reality show will follow pre-college teens “as they lose weight in preparation for a new chapter in their lives.”… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories

1. The New York Times reviews Bonnaroo; were you following our tweets all weekend? [via NYT]

2. Banksy’s top-secret show opened at the City Museum and Art Gallery in Bristol; the artist also explained why things were kept under wraps until the last second: “This is the first show I’ve ever done where… Read More

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