General Hospital

So, We're Over James Franco Now, Right?

Thank God, the joke is finally over. On Sunday, the Tribeca Film Festival premiered Francophrenia (Or Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is), actor/artist/writer/student/whatever James Franco’s look at his stint on General Hospital, as seen through a prism of navel-gazing and self-conscious artiness. It’s a bad film, pretentious and irritating, mistaking preening for candor and self-indulgence for insight. But it’s more than that. Arriving when it does — a good year-plus after our Franco saturation point — it’s like looking at a shameful old yearbook, where you can’t believe that you used to do your hair like that, or wear that sweater-vest. We used to care about this?

The film was shot entirely on the evening of June 24, 2010, as Franco made the final episode of his General Hospital arc at a staged event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. “The episode was never completed,” the opening crawl insists, ominously. (That’s false, by the way.) On the show, he was playing a deranged artist named “Franco” (presumably so he could adopt the habit, in interviews, of referring to himself in the third person); the episode concerned the opening of “Franco”’s big art show, which was happening simultaneously with a kidnapping or something back at the GH. Roughly the first half of the film is comprised of Franco going to the shoot, getting into hair and makeup, having awkward conversations with fans (“I love your signature!”), and wandering around in his tux. It’s all walking and waiting; the camera holds on Franco’s face, often in dead silence, looking intense. It’s a voyeur’s dream — the movie basically consists of the opportunity to stare at a celebrity for 78 minutes. … Read More

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TV’s Most Ill-Advised Weddings

Everyone knows that TV weddings are ratings bonanzas, and the destructive aftermaths of those weddings are even more exciting. Happy couples tend to get boring pretty quickly, after all. It’s not surprising, then, that Gossip Girl celebrated its 100th episode last night with the wedding of Blair and Louis, even though Blair is still obviously in love with Chuck, in an hour with so many twists and turns and false stops that we’re still not sure what, exactly, happened. To celebrate their clearly ill-advised big day, we’ve put together a list of some of the most disastrous marriages in television history. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The Wire’s Michael K. Williams isn’t the only beloved star joining Season 3 of Community; John Goodman will also appear in at least six episodes of the show as the new Vice Dean of the School of Air Conditioning Repair. [via Vulture]

2. James Franco, who General Hospital fans know as performance artist… Read More

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Artist Kalup Linzy Makes His General Hospital Debut

Performance and video artist Kalup Linzy‘s much-anticipated daytime soap opera debut on ABC’s General Hospital takes place today at 3pm. Linzy, who has work on view in the recently opened Contemporary Art from the Collection exhibition at MoMA, told the Orlando Sentinel, “One of my biggest dreams has come true.” According to the article, James Franco, who plays the artist Franco on the show, is responsible for Linzy’s opportunity to work on GH. “He pitched me to the producers and they said yes,” Linzy explained. “It is very inspiring to work with him and to have him as a friend.” … Read More

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An Open Letter to James Franco: General Hospital? Really?

James Franco we love you, but you’re bringing us down. How can we defend you from the Gawkers of the world when you sign on to a TV show like General Hospital? It’s no big deal, you say. You’ll appear off and on for about two months, and then move on. Well, we’re not sure we can… Read More

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