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‘Star Wars’ Meets Kids’ Imaginations in Craig Davison’s Evocative Paintings

If your childhood entailed a healthy mix of both getting lost in Nintendo and playing outside with your tangible friends, then British artist Craig Davison‘s Star Wars paintings will warm your heart and simultaneously make you wish that paper-towel rolls could still transform into lightsabers. In Davison’s series, pre-tweens use their imaginations to travel to a galaxy far, far away and craftily become beloved characters from George Lucas’ epic Star Wars universe. Clicking through the slideshow, you’ll encounter a makeshift Luke Skywalker (using Grandpa’s cane as a lightsaber), Yoda (with ears made from clothespins), R2-D2 (whose rotund head is crafted with a bowl), Princess Leia (toting a hair-dryer gun), Darth Vaders in hoodies, and spacecrafts made from the lids of trashcans. Prints of Davison’s work are available to purchase online from the ArtMarket and The Hawthorn Gallery websites. Feel the force! … Read More

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Another ‘Indiana Jones’ Revival Confirmed to Be in the Works… and Searching for a Story

In a Vanity Fair interview with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy about Star Wars: The Force Awakens — whose force will fully awaken December… Read More

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“And That’s How I Got To Be Rich”: George Lucas and Stephen Colbert on the New ‘Star Wars,’ Critics, and Those Special Editions

Okay, first things first: George Lucas has not yet seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that we all lost our minds over this week. But, as with that brief tempest-in-a-teapot over not seeing the last one, it’s not a question of snubbing, but of trailer-viewing preference. “I just saw it on CBS, but I’m gonna try to look at it,” he told Stephen Colbert at a Tribeca Film Festival “Tribeca Talks” conversation Friday afternoon, explaining, “I want to see it on the big screen.”

“I’ve got it on my phone,” Colbert interjected, taking out his device helpfully. … Read More

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So Bad It’s Good: ‘Howard the Duck,’ the Marvel Movie We’d All Like to Forget

Bad movies are not a simple matter. There are nearly as many categories of terrible movies as there are for great ones: there are films that are insultingly stupid (Batman & Robin), unintentionally funny (The Room), unintentionally, painfully unfunny (White Chicks), so bad they’re depressing (Transformers), and so on. But the most rewarding terrible movies are those we know as “so bad they’re good” — entertaining in their sheer incompetence, best braved in numbers, where the ham-fisted dramatics and tin-eared dialogue become fodder for years of random quotes and inside jokes. And in this spirit, Flavorwire brings you the latest installment in our monthly So Bad It’s Good series: Howard the Duck, the first big-screen adaptation of a Marvel comic book, which makes their subsequent films seem like the flowers that bloom beneath a heavy load of dense fertilizer. … Read More

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